Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Did you see that I was featured at The Dedicated House for Make it Pretty Monday!
I was so excited and honored!
A big THANK YOU to Kathryn Ferguson!
Has your week flown by like mine? I just can't seem to catch up with everything! I feel like I have been going around and around. Mr. Sweetladyelaine has just finished painting my office this past weekend. I think the laundry room is the only room left. I will be glad when it's all finished!
Pictures will be coming this week! 
My inspiration for this table came from my friend Cindy Jones Miller who lives in  Belleville, IL.
She messaged me and asked me if I would like two sets of placemats and napkins.
Of course I couldn't say NO! I didn't even ask what they looked like or anything!
 I just said YES!  I am using one of the sets she mailed me!
Thank you Cindy! 
They are so colorful! I love them!
Notice this is the first time I am not using a charger!

To tell you the truth I didn't even think to use chargers!
 I used two different china patterns today.
I love the fact that you can mix them.  It gives me lots of options for my tables.
The big bonus is that you can do it on a shoe string!

These dishes are made by United Utilities Corp. and the pattern is Sovereign.
These are my beloved, Blue Garland by Haviland. I have a place setting for 12, given to me by 
Maureen who lives in Schenectady, NY. They were her mom's everyday china.  Her mom bought them through a market, Loblaw's, near our house. It is no longer there, but remembered!
The bowls were purchased at a thrift store and made by Gibson. 
You can't go wrong with buying anything white. It always looks wonderful! 

 I bought these glasses at a Thrift Store. I have no idea of the brand or pattern.
                                         I love roses......

I love candles......
                             Each of the four candle holders are crystal and different.
                              All bought at Goodwill, Salvation Army or stores like that.

                                          I love china.......


 I took so many pictures and just couldn't capture the right shot. You can tell because in some pictures my candles are lit and in some they are not! lol My camera is new and I know it will take practice to get my pictures the way I want them. Plus, I can't remember the program I use to crop and fix them. What do you use to crop your pictures?  I bought a Cannon Power Shot. Great camera! I just need to get my act together.......not this week.........maybe next!

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Tablescape Thursday, Between Naps On The Porch
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Make It Pretty Monday, The Dedicated House
Blessings My Friend,

"We are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works".    Ephesians 2:10


  1. Congratulations on being featured! Your table is very pretty. The place mats you received are perfect for summer, and chargers would have hidden them. Good call/memory lapse/whatever. Your china is beautiful, and especially that gorgeous tea pot! Swoon!

  2. How exciting to be featured. You should be proud. Another lovely table here.

  3. Your table is gorgeous with beautiful dishes... congrats on the feature, Kathryn has such great taste in features, she sure picks them! The placemats are lovely and you are a lucky gal! I grew up in NYC in an Italian and Irish neighborhood, so I adore Italian food and cookies and all!!! I used to make my own pasta when I was young wife, now we have Italian around here, but homemade is the best! I make it sometimes too.
    That's why the anisette cookies and biscotti hubby loves.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Congratulations on your feature! I know you put a lot of work into that post, and the reward was well-deserved!

    How nice of your friend to send all that wonderful stuff to you! Don't you just LOVE friends like that who know you will appreciate it? I have a friend who is moving and has just showered me with wonderful stuff. Your friend knew you would be a good steward of her gift, and you've proved it by creating such a pretty tablescape to share.

    Sorry to hear you're having growing pains with your camera. I've had mine for nearly 2 years and I am STILL trying to learn a ton of stuff. I'm just not that adaptable! I use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to crop all my photos. It's quick and easy. I have my default set to open all my photos with Picture Manager, and I can do all the editing really fast including light adjustment, contrast, etc. I tried editing in Picasa when I create my collages, but it's just not as easy to me.

    Good luck on learning more about your camera and on finding a suitable editing program! Have a wonderful weekend!