Saturday, November 19, 2011

Anton Pieck & Sweetladyelaine

I have been quite excited since yesterday!
 While I was on Facebook, The Collectors weekly was showing a picture of a  handmade pocketbook. Well, wouldn't you know I made one for my mother for Christmas years ago. She had just given it back to me last year.
Here are some I found on e-bay.

What I didn't understand.... that the prints are by Anton Pieck!

A little history about Anton......

Anton Pieck was born on April 19, 1895 in Den Helder, Netherlands. His work includes paintings in oil, watercolors, etchings, woodcuts, engravings, lithographs, drawings and travel (book) illustrations.  His works are noted for their nostalgic or fairy tale characters and are widely popular.They appear regularly on cards and calendars.
 When he was six years old, he and his twin brother, Henry apprenticed with JB Mulders in Den Helder. The drawing lessons paid off and in 1906 he won a prize at an exhibition of handicrafts.  As a reward he received five watercolor tubes that started his career. In 1920 he became an art teacher at the Kennemer Lyceum in Overveen.
 In 1922, he married Jo Poelvoorde. They had three children, Elsa, Anneke and Max. His wife died in 1983 and Max three years later.
Anton Pieck designed the De Efteling,  (Fairy Tale Forest) which opened on May 31, 1952.  Initially, the Fairy Tale Forest was home to some ten different fairy tales, all of them brought to life using original drawings by Anton Pieck alongside ingenious movements and lighting and sound effects designed by the Dutch film maker Peter Reijnders. The life-size fairy tales, displayed together in an atmospheric forest, proved to be an enormous success. In 1952 alone Efteling welcomed 240,000 visitors
He retired in 1960 but remained active in the Lyceum. He died on November 24, 1987 at the age of 92 in Overveen.

I had wondered if my pocketbook had pictures by Anton Pieck on it. I made it in the 70's ! I had no idea even what I was picking out at the time. I did what I was told by a friend and bought pictures to decoupage on my pocketbook.

Here is my decoupaged pocketbook...

Here it is....... a piece of Anton Pieck's name!

I just had to share this with you.....I am so surprised! I have to admit, I think my pocketbook is much prettier than the ones I found on line.

I think it was so much fun to find out about Anton Pieck and my pocketbook. I wondered if anyone else had made a decoupaged pocketbook???
I just remembered being so proud to make it for my mom. I was newly married without much money and I made Christmas gifts. I have fond memories of the items I made and always gave away! It was sheer pleasure for me. I don't do that anymore and maybe I should start again. This has got me thinking ....

Thank you for stopping by...

Blessings to you my friends, 

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It all started with a cakeplate

Hi Everyone!
I missed showing you my tablescape last week but I loved the centerpiece so much I saved it for today! I told you a few weeks ago I LOVE cake plates!
A cake plate, a few flowers, pretty leaves, a candle holder and potpourri.
That's it!

Welcome to my tablescape!
I love this round table..... I think because it is from my childhood. I remember it being in my parents cellar and playing school on it! My parents had it refinished years later. They gave it to me when we first moved to Chicago. I seem to set tables in here every week. One day I will surprise you and set it somewhere else! lol


Blue green chargers I bought at "Something Special". A store that supports battered women.

I bought these beautiful dishes at Goodwill in Buffalo, NY. I love them! I could only buy a place setting for two. they are Haviland china.

I love the two edges together......the green plate is from HomeGoods, Houston, TX. They are made by Artistic Accents.  



This is another favorite....the bowl is made by Bella Lux. The pattern is Alexandra Gold!

Here is the centerpiece.........

I took out the flowers so you could see the wax candle holder. My mother in love gave this to me. In the summer it melted. I would love to bring its shape back. Do you have any ideas?

I'm not sure why I used candles in the middle...Oh I remember now, I am a candle freak! I have to stop myself and not use candles every week! I have candles all over the house and light them everyday.

I hope you enjoyed my tablescape!

Thank you for visiting Sweetladyelaine, I appreciate your comments.


Blessings My Friend,