Sunday, December 12, 2010


I am doing this post early so that when you hear from me next we should be on our way to TEXAS! We will be leaving for Texas on December 17th.  I am hoping to at least take a few pictures of our move... but knowing me, I will forget in all the confusion.

Since this is my first year blogging you have not seen my house all decorated for Christmas. Soooo.............. I thought I would show you. I really will miss this house! Although the Texas house is nice, I love this house.
I have been attached to only one house before first little house!

Christmas seems like a wonderful time of the year. Everyone is so happy and jolly most of the time. I love decorating and my mom always decorated her whole house and that's probably why it is special to me.

This is the tree in our family room. It is decorated with ornaments I have collected over the past years. I have a few that were on my mom's tree when I was a child, some from vacations, some from my daughter's childhood, people gave me some and some my husband and I bought.  Each one has a story and that's what I love! History!!!! Christmas Past! Memories!

This is the tree in our living room. Phantom has passed, but Caesar still loves that spot on the couch!

I like the white tree against the red background!

The fireplace in my family room is awesome in this house!  I love trees and have been collecting since I moved here.

This tree is in my dining room.....I love how this tree sparkles so much, that it is there all year round!

You can see the above tree in the mirror!

This ceramic tree my mom made in 1977. I use it as a night light.

This tree is in my little bathroom. Yes, it is pink! It sits next to the pedestal sink. Isn't the wallpaper pretty!

I have realized looking at all these pictures again that I collect quite a few things: trees, snowmen, pitchers, teapots, cups, jewelry, recipes, shoes, candlesticks, dishes, candles to name a few......
Oh my!!!
Do you collect like me?

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my trees. I certainly did! It's so nice to reminisce about Christmas's past.

Please some back again......
May Jesus  richly bless you  during this Holiday season. May you find your way to Him!

Blessings my dear friends,



Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi Everyone,
I just can't believe that I keep missing Tablescape Thursday! The days are flying by and I feel like I keep running but never catch up. So I guess I better tell you what's up....

The closing for our house is suppose to be December 15th.....and we would leave with our "zoo" for Houston the next morning! Our "zoo", consists of 3 dogs, a bird and a race car in tow.  The movers are coming this Friday and then again Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. (Dishes weigh, I guess!)
But...this is all tentative!!!! OH MY........

Therefore ladyelaine decided to show you a tablescape a little early or is it late???  I'm not sure!

This is Thanksgiving at my mom's in Schenectady. I was so afraid I would forget to take pictures that I just took them while I was setting the table and it wasn't even finished! I think the important thing is I remembered to take the pictures!!!!

I did light the candles while I was setting the table

I made artichoke dip with crusty bread for an appetizer.

Shrimp cocktail was our first course. My mom insists on fruit for the centerpiece with candles. the bowl and candsticks are vintage.

This was our first Thanksgiving without my Dad and I must admit, it was difficult. When we prayed we mentioned our loss. I know God heard us. We were thankful for being together. We know we will be in Houston for Christmas...our first, away from home. God knows how we feel, but I also know he has a plan for my husband and I. We will be where we are suppose to be. We are thankful for that!

I did use my mom's Nortake china, silver and crystal.  I have to tell you it all went well.

We did try something different... we went visiting to friends after dinner. That was the best thing we could have done. We all watched a movie together. The evening ended with laughter and hugs!

Well..that's it!!!!! I feel much better that I posted today!

Thank you for coming by......

I miss you all.

Remember to Thank our Lord for the little things in your life!

Blessings my friends!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving...November 23, 2010.

A Thanksgiving Remembrance.....

We will be going to Schenectady, New York for the Thanksgiving holiday this year. I was born and raised there. My mom, daughter, brother, sister in law, a niece, two nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends etc. all live there. My husband and I moved away about 10 years ago.

This is Proctors Theatre.....I watched cartoons, my daughter graduate, plays, and Broadway musicals here.

For is home. I understand my home is where I live but in my head Schenectady is MY HOME. I have good childhood memories there. Maybe a few bad ones too! It was the beginning of me. Over the years I have changed alot. I am not the same person who lived there ten years ago. My being has changed......transformed really.

As a child, Thanksgiving seemed to kick off the holiday season. My mom cooked for days... making a feast for the pilgrims at her table. The tablecloth got washed and pressed. The china, silver and crystal was cleaned and polished. We spend hours cleaning house and making pies. It was not fun! It was work!!!!!

As time moved on and I had a child I understood the meaning of why my mom did it. Traditions! So now, as I am making food to bring to Schenectady I think back, fondly, of our past Thanksgivings.
I love that I get to spend time with my family. I look forward to Black Friday shopping with my daughter and her boyfriend, to seeing my nephew who is attending John Hopkins, having coffee with my brother and sister in law, visiting with my youngest nephew and his sister. It is not a chore cooking...I am enjoying every minute of it.

This is our favorite Italian eatery!

This was taken last year...
In the picture is my Dad (he passed 4/18/2010), my mom, nephew Michael, and my husband.

Not too far is this Indian statue in the Stockade part of Schenectady.

This is a picture of the Union College Library. Union is well known for Civil Engineers.

Officially chartered in 1795, Union can trace its beginnings to 1779.
Union has produced many graduates who had (and continue to have) distinguished careers in government and public service. John C. Spencer (1806), Secretary of War and Secretary of the Treasury; William H. Seward (1820), Secretary of State under Abraham Lincoln, Governor of New York, and architect of the Alaska Purchase from Russia; Chester A. Arthur (1848), 21st President of the United States; and Neil Abercrombie (1959), United States Representative from Hawaii, are some of the alumni in this sphere.

Another Historical person in Schenectady!
Thomas Edison Arrived at Schenectady Marker Photo, Click for full size

I do call Schenectady home! My Home Sweet Home! I didn't show you everything about Schenectady but here is a cute song I found about my hometown.

A Song about Schenectady!
Where is home for you? I'd love to hear about your hometown!

I Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving with family and friends. My Our Lord abundantly Bless each and every one of you. May He wrap His arms around your lives and fill it only as He can. May He bring Peace and Love into your homes during this holiday season. May He keep pursuing you until you are His.  I ask this in His Holy Name! AMEN!

Blessings My Friends,

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Houston will never be the same......

Hi Everyone,
 We bought a new home in Houston! I  do have a picture and I am dying to share it with you. I am super excited! We will be moving after the closing on the 17 or 18th of December. You have to understand, we will be driving with 3 dogs, a bird and a race car! I have always joked about owning a "zoo" and we will be a traveling one at that!We hope to arrive in Houston on the 22nd. I hope to take pictures as we make our way there and blog later. I am terrible about taking pictures but I will beg my husband to remind me.
The week went extremely fast. I looked at 45 houses with a fabulous Zip Realty agent named Susan Collins. She did an excellent job(more about that in another blog). We are glad to be back in Buffalo after a very fast paced week.

Anyway here is our home!

I am amazed at the flowers and trees in bloom. The weather was fantastic but then again remember we come from Buffalo, New York. In fairness to Buffalo, the weather has been warm here too!

Our backyard!

I am excited about this.....I can see tablescapes in my head already!
My brain has been working overtime.....ll!
We have never owned a pool.
I am going to leave the rest a secret, until we get all moved in. So keep coming back to check and see what I have posted. I am disappointed that we won't be decorating for Christmas but there will be next year! I can't wait.....

I feel truly blessed at what God has done for us...even though things are difficult, I know everything will work out.
Welcome to Tablescape Thursday.....
I would like to thank Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for hosting this weekly event!

My tablescape is not my own but a restaurant we went to in Houston that was wonderful!

Perry's Restaurant Steakhouse & Grille.

The glasses were cobalt blue and stunning with the white dishes and brown napkins!

I thought the lighting fixtures were pretty too!

The back wall is all different old wine bottles.

This is the room we ate in. The glass decanters and vases glistened in the light and were so beautiful.

Just a little peek at our visit to Houston.

Hopefully I can show you more as I discover Houston's attractions.
Thanks so much for stopping by.
I am grateful for your comments and encouraging words.

Remember we owe it all to the one who created us!
In His name I pray for each of you,
Blessings my friends,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Hi Everyone!
I have been so busy getting ready for our move and our Halloween dinner that I forgot to post! I probably will be sporadic in the next few weeks. We sold our house and are going to Houston on Sunday to buy a house! I am excited but a little nervous too. After all we are moving across country.....I expect a whole different culture.
We have gone online and picked out houses to look at in Sugar land, Pear land, Houston, Humble and Katy. They all have pools!
 I have visited Houston a few times, and have stayed at the Hilton downtown. It was very nice. We know that God has something wonderful for us. Please pray for our safe travel. In my next few posts, I will keep you posted on our journey to Texas.

Now let's get to the good stuff!!!!!!
Tablescape Thursday........Thank you to our host, Susan at BNOTP!
Please be sure to visit as many tablescapes as you can and leave a comment so we know you have visited. I even visit when I don't post! I just love to look at what everyone is up too!

I started a tradition many years ago and when we moved Buffalo I just continued it. I host a dinner on Halloween night for my neighbors! They can come and go and do not have to worry about making dinner. Everyone one loves it! They can eat and leave to go trick or treating. Some years it's elaborate other years it's very simple!
This year we had an over abundance of food, but no one complained!
                                      The Menu
Spinach & artichoke dip with bread rounds
Guacamole dip with tortilla chips
Cheese & crackers
Buffalo Chicken Wings - the first wings were made here!

Chili & corn bread
Pecan & cranberry green salad
Beef on weck - a biggie here too!

I didn't take any pictures of the food or guests! I forgot! Shame on me...I just can't remember to take pictures to share with you. Sorry.

                                  We are in the kitchen.

I didn't have enough blue chargers so I used red ones on the heads of the table. They also have different placemats.

                            Which one do you like better????

                  The glass blue chargers came from Goodwill.

The white plates came from Goodwill. I bought 8 dinner and 8 dessert. I love the pleated pattern.

                  The bowls are Yorktowne. My everyday set.

               The blue salad bowls my mom gave me years ago.

                     Here is the red charger from Hobby Lobby.

You have seen this centerpeice before. Since we were eating dinner I used a low centerpeice.

                  Halloween candle holder is from Goodwill. I bought 2.
                  I bought pumkin spice candles from Walmart....

The glasses are simple, my everyday set.

This is the centerpeice on my island. My brother and sister in law gave me this cake plate for Christmas one year.

Same peice without the dome top so you could see the plate. My brother sold Avon when in college and gave me this plate. I love it!

The wreath came from The Christmas Tree Store....I will miss it dearly! My neighbor Mel, gave me the apple years ago.

Well...This is my tablescape for this week! Thank you so much for visiting! Please come again......

BLESSINGS my friends,

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Backyard

I have been very busy this week, not sure what I have been doing but the weeks are flying by! I finally bought some mums for the flower pot on the front porch....they are small but I guess they will grow. I wasn't going to buy any but when I went to Lowe's and found them for 25 cents  each..... I would be foolish if I didn't buy them. I am usually very poor at getting things done on the outside of the house but great at decorating inside. This year I am letting everything slide, I think its the move. I am not interested in spending money on flowers if I am going to move!

                 The bushes are changing very fast in Western New York.

                                              Our gazing ball...I really love this!
                                       We bought it years ago.

                                                                    Our  Backyard


This is my backyard corner.....We bought that tree at Lowe's last year in October for $9.99! Planted it and prayed it would is a flowering pear tree. It has little white flowers in the spring!

This is my other corner closest to the house. It is a perennial garden I started last year. These white flowers just bloomed.

                                             Our Pond

                  There are Koi, frogs, lilies and hibiscus flowers.
And of course, what is a pond without a pond dog. Her name is Chloe.....she loves outdoors!


She is a Maltese.

This is the front of our house.
I sure am going to miss it, but I know I will love the next house too!

By the way...we are moving to HOUSTON, TEXAS!!!! We just found out this weekend. We thought we were going to West Virginia, but the CEO said, Houston! I am very excited.....
Now all we have to do is sell our house!

Thanks to all of you who visit my blog and leave comments! I am encouraged by your words. It's what keeps me motivated during this difficult time in our lives.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An Unexpected Gift.......

Welcome to Sweetladyelaine!!!!!
So glad you stopped is Tablescape Thursday and you know what that means! We get to look at all the beautiful tables that our ladies and gentlemen have created for us! I have to admit I do feel special when I look at all the beautiful tables. It truly inspires me to go the extra mile for my family and friends! Thank you to Susan at   BNOTP!!!!                    

Of course, there is a story as to why I am showing you this particular tablescape.  Well...its not really a tablescape but a silverscape. I need to back up a week...... I was in Goodwill looking at a silver tea/coffee set. It was missing a few pieces and a little expensive for me. You know how I love shiny!!!! So it was hard for me to pass up.....this past Sunday, doesn't God bless me.... my wonderful neighbor, Shelly, called and said she was cleaning her cellar. She asked me if I wanted a silver tea set! I said yes and here it is.....

My heart sang when she carried it over all wrapped and not even touched. She got it as a wedding present 15 years ago and it sat in her cellar! In the original box!!!!! I felt so BLESSED!

                     The flowers are picked from my .25 cent pots.

This is my good china, Royal Prince Albert and the pattern is Country Roses. We bought in England and had it shipped here. I have a place setting for 12.  

The candle votive I bought at the Christmas Tree store recently. For some reason I couldn't keep this one lit. The runner on the silver tray is from Goodwill. The runner on the buffet is from Tuesday Morning.

God has given us a wonderful neighborhood to live in with dear friends...I will truely miss them when we move.

And so my friends, my new silver tea and coffee set will have a new home on my buffet until we move into a new house. Excuse the  plastic bag it is my chandelier waiting to move into a new home.

I hope you enjoyed my silverscape!!!
Thank you to our host Susan at Between Naps On The Porch.  A  Special Thank you to all the tablescapers who visit and participate in Tablescape Thursday. 

Remember to put God first in your life!

Have a great week.....
Blessings my friends,