Friday, December 26, 2014

A Few Good Snowmen.......

That's an understatement!
I should say, I love snowmen and stopped collecting them!
After packing and unpacking them and four house moves ago, I decided enough is enough.
 This is what I have left after picking my favorites.
 I can get them all in two plastic bins. Well, almost!
I do put out the same few every year, and use them in tablescaping.
This year you are in for a treat! I just unpacked all of them just  for this tablescape!





I will be joining:
Susan at NOTP for Tablescape Thursday

Blessings My Friend,

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A little Christmas

 My inspiration came from my centerpiece.
 Since I am not entertaining this year, I decided to do a  centerpiece with candles.
 I love candles! All kinds.
I have them littered throughout my home in every room.
I find when you have a large centerpiece, it often gets taken off the table before dinner if you serve family style like I do. I don't like people getting up and down for seconds.
 Its a distraction and people really don't like getting up.
 I guess I am old fashion and do things the way my mom does them.
I want guests to sit down and enjoy!

I chose red chargers for all four place settings but used two different dinner plates.
This one is by Bella Lux and the  pattern is Alexandra Gold.

 This dinner plate is Sakura, and  the pattern is Galaxy.

                 Here are the four place settings using different silver napkin rings and
green depression glass salad plates.

 I layered Burgundy napkins and gold napkins to bring out the gold in the dishes and silverware.

I 'm not sure if you noticed but I mix silver and gold all the time!
I have done this even when wearing jewelry since I was seventeen.
Bling is bling in my book! I love it all!

 My glassware...
 My daughter just messaged me and told me that the Christmas ones, match her dishes.
 I only have five. I bought them at a church sale for 25 cents each!
 I guess I'll be mailing her another package if I can find some more for her. LOL

                              The deer are from GW, I think. Someplace like that anyway.
                              I buy most of my dishes and glassware in thrift stores.
                              After awhile, I'm not sure which store I bought them in.

Last picture of the whole dining room.
The tablecloth I made years ago.........

Thank you for visiting me. I love when you stop and visit.
Sometimes its just nice to know I am not alone in this world.

I will be joining:
 Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday

Christine at Rustic & Refined for Table It Monday

Blessings My Friend,

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

A late Thanksgivng entry!

Just wanted to share our Thanksgiving table with you.
 I know I am late but I think you know, life happens!
 My nephew from Maryland came and spent it with us and we were over the moon to have John here. I miss my niece, Victoria  and nephews, John & Michael a lot.
I feel like I have missed so much of their growing up years.
 I do keep in touch but it just isn't the same. I want to hug them!
Anyway, I put on Thanksgiving dinner and invited neighbors and friends of theirs.
We had so much food! The conversation was wonderful and all had a great time.

                            I used my country roses dishes and pumpkin dishes for dessert.


                                Vintage green pitcher was bought at a The Thrift Store.
                                 It matches my green plates, above.

 Another find in Buffalo, NY. I have two of them and use them frequently!

I want to share a little trick I have done to save my dishes in our many moves.
I cut a piece of felt the size of the plates and the felt is placed between each dish.
It is not hard. Time consuming, but not hard.
I turned a plate face down on a piece of felt and traced it with a ball point pen.
Then I cut the felt with pinking shears for a pretty edge.
I used red felt because it matched my dishes.

I think it saves the edges of  my dishes from getting chipped.

Just wanted to let you see our Thanksgiving Day.  Hope you liked my little trick!

Our house is all decorated for Christmas! I will be sharing that next.
 Until then........

Blessings My Friend,

I will be joining Susan At BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Last time I wrote on Sweetladyelaine........

 I was telling you about a brunch for a Beth Moore bible study I had just finished. I signed up to bring the tableware. A few ladies decided to sign up too! I was not to happy!
 I was a little selfish.......after all,  I am a tablescaper!
I can do it better!  Have you ever felt this way?
I swallowed my pride and  I gave it all to God and look at the results!
 I wanted to share what a cute table it turned out to be!
We were so surprised that we all took pictures of it! LOL

                                  Aren't these plates adorable. They are from Target!

                                   I brought the napkins, tablecloth and centerpiece.

Janet brought the silverware.
Just a perfectly together table ...........

To top it all off.....all the ladies from other tables kept coming to look at our table.
 No one else set a cute table like we did. No one had a tablecloth or centerpiece!
I have to admit, it humbled me a little. I wanted to do it all!
 I felt that I could have set a better table all by myself.  God showed me different!
What an awesome God we have!
What a lesson I learned from a wonderful group of young mom's!
 I was in awe of the pretty table we set!
We had such a great time too! The food was great and the lesson even greater!
 Our table was getting a lot of attention and I was thanking God for our blessings.
I wanted to share this with you to remind everyone that one person can do a good job,
 but a group of ladies can do it better! I was so happy for my table that day. Everyone shined!
Thanks for reading my lesson learned. We all have lessons learned, can you share with me a lesson you learned.

Blessings My Friend,