Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Imagination Celebration

We are celebrating today! Nothing special,  just celebrating that we are alive & well!
Did I tell you that you would have to use your imagination?
Why you ask? I couldn't possibly buy or make all the goodies you are going to imagine!
So are you ready to use your imagination and take a look at  my dessert table?
First, you have to imagine my buffet all decked pink, green & yellow!
Are you ready??/ Here we go.............................................................................

My inspiration for my Imagination Celebration are dishes my friend, Judy, found at Goodwill. I love them and really can't wait to have friends over to my new house in Texas. I have four but I am sure I  can mix & match with others!

                                                        I used my polka dot placemats
                                            I bought at the Dollar Store a few years ago
                                                                       to show them off!

                                                           I set my buffet in the living room.
                                      I used my ice cream dishes to hold my green and yellow napkins.   
                                                     My lamp gave us a little bit of  pretty.
On the other end I used a silver three tiered pastry tray and a silver candelabra for a romantic touch.
Get ready to imagine................................
all the images you are about to see are ZERO CALORIES!
                                                Now on this silver pastry tray, I would do this!
                                                   Strawberries are my all time favorite!
                                                                Big, Beautiful & Ripe!
                                                        Can you taste their sweetness???

                                   And don't let me forget my candlewick & white cake plates.......


                                    Beautiful, dark chocolate brownie bites....on the first tier.
                                                   My mouth is just watering looking at these!

                                                   And these banana bites on the second tier.
And these luscious tarts on the third tier!

Oh My,...................
See, now you know why I couldn't do a real dessert buffet table...
It would be my duty to eat every last morsel! lol
Last but not least.............................................................
                             My ice cream glasses.........................vintage from dear, old, mom!

                            In my ice cream glasses imagine chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce                               covered in whipped cream........
How about this one!!!!!!

                                                                            Or this one!

                    I saved my favorite for last......strawberry shortcake in a wine glass! PRICELESS!

                       I hope you drooled over my Imagination Celebration.
                                    If you did, I did my job.
                                                 If not, you have to be dead! lol
                                                          or one of those skinny girls that don't eat! lol

I thought I'd show you a few tables............


Thank you for stopping and visiting....if you haven't had a sugar overload, please leave a comment!
I love comments!

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All the pictures of desserts are from the Internet.

Blessings My Friend,

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Beachy Fun........

Since I missed the last Let's Dish "white dish"event, I was not going to miss this one!

My inspiration are the napkins I bought just a few weeks ago.......I absolutely love them! I had looked at them several times at Old Time Pottery but I had no intentions of buying them. I just lusted! I finally decided to buy them and I'm glad I did! How many times I have looked at something, only to go back to buy it and it would be gone! I hate when that happens!

Most of the napkins I have seen are brown, beige or blue. I have been looking for something different. I think they are the  perfect punch of color, I had imagined.
A side view of my dishes............
I used a silver tray as a charger.
My white "Living Quarters" dish as a dinner dish,
a coral dish called "Swirl" for salad and a silver clam dish for dessert.

                                        I had two silver clam dishes that I used for tea bags when I served tea........
                                                       Today, I found two more at Goodwill.
                                                           I made the little seashell candy.
                              I was suppose to make them with swirls with two colors but ran out of time.
                                               Do you do that often when setting your tables?

                                             Time just seems to get away from me lately!
                                                            I have so much going on.........

                          My centerpiece is sea glass I borrowed from my friend, Judy and
                                  shells I have collected over time during our vacations.
                                                   The starfish I bought at JoAnn's.

                                  Flowers, flowers and flowers.............

Well I hope you liked my beachy table! Please leave a comment, you know we thrive on your comments!
Today I am joining Cuisine Kathleen for Let's Dish

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Here is a look at the whole table......
I bought the small square tablecloth at "Savers" a few days ago for $4.99. I think it is a bed throw but I am using it as a tablecloth!
For those of you that shop at Savers, I think it is more expensive than Goodwill. Not sure if it is like that in your area. Several shoppers have mentioned it while shopping.

Have a great week!

Blessings My Friend,

"Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ". (Galatians 6:2)

No matter how mature or immature we are as believers, we are challenged to grow and change. We can all be more loving, be more at peace, have greater joy, walk in faithfulness, have greater patience, show more kindness, reflect more goodness and manifest more self-control. I pray that you grow in these areas with God's help!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To Match or Not to Match...........

I have finally decided I am a person that likes everything to match! I was setting this table for lunch and just couldn't  put it together. It took me so long.....
I just didn't like anything or I didn't have the right thing...............whatever that means! lol
This is what I ended up with anyway! lol
We are in my kitchen at my round table, again......
One of these days I won't be so lazy and set a table outside.

                      I keep setting the round table because I have place settings for two.
                               I am trying not to acquire too many dishes. Can you relate?
                                                I do think it is a little late for that.......
                    Mr. Sweetladylaine had to put in two more shelves in my pantry for me.

                                                I bought these dishes at Old Time Pottery.
                                            I use the same utensils every week, Paul Revere.
                                                                 I have had them forever.
                                   I love these green dishes and wished HomeGoods had more.
                                                                       I only have two.
                                             Why is it, they never have what you really love!

                                     A sweet little casserole dish.....I use these for soup a lot!
                                                These are from Dollar General in Texas.

I thought for a change a tea cup might be nice.
 My teapot has two different sides.
             Mr. Sweetladyelaine bought it for me for some occasion. lol  I can't remember!

                         At one time, I collected pitchers. Now, I stopped collecting them.
                                               Have you stopped collecting certain things?
A mirror on the bottom, a wreath of roses, pop-it pearls and a hurricane candle make up my centerpiece.
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I am joining Tablescape Thursday with Susan at BNOTP
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Have a great week!
Blessings My Friend,
Do not be overcome by evil,
but overcome evil with good
Romans 12:21
God gives us as His children today His presence through the Holy Spirit, and a promise of His provision with one stipulation: Leave the world behind and follow Him.

Welcome to my house......

To get you updated on the selling of our house...It has NOT sold! I know it will be just a matter of time...............God's time! lol
It occurred to me that I have not shared any of my house in Illinois with you so I decided to share a few pictures.

                               My looks so stark! It is staged for showings.
               You can see my old tablescape. My collection of pitchers is on top of the wall desk.

                 A closer look.

                      The living room................the only room that ever got put together! (sort of)
                                                                  No  clutter!
                                                             To me it doesn't look lived in.....
                                                     Can you tell I like vintage & antiques?
                                              I hope to recover my couches once we get settled.
                                      I am dreaming of white, but then I'd have to change everything!
An upstairs view looking down. I love the atrium windows!
Master bedroom
I have to admit this is one room that I was going to redo when we moved in. I did buy my sidetables at a garage sale & Mr. Sweetladyelaine painted them with Annie Sloane paint. When we decided to put the house on the market, Mr. Sweetladyelaine & I put up the tapestry in a hurry.
I didn't want buyers to see blank walls.
 I did go out last week & buy a new comforter set, then returned it.
I didn't like the lamps and overall look of the room, a little to modern!
This is what I bought....
What do you think??
I hate it when you love something then have to change the whole room.
These are the shams and pillows. Oh well........
My Master bathroom.........................I bought the chandelier at a garage sale!
The pictures over the tub are from Bermuda.
I really would like to paint this house in my colors but I will leave that for the next owners to finish. It is all the same neutral color. 
Well there you have it....I have to confess it looks pretty barren! I guess with owning the shop I never decorated this house. We lived here a year when we got laid off. We moved in January 20, 2012.
Now we are on to another adventure to Houston, Texas. Yes, we moved from Houston to Illinois now we are going back! Not bad for someone who was born & raised in Schenectady, New York! Since I have been married we have moved a lot! I really don't like it but its my life. I am going to make lemonade with my lemons!
 I can't wait to decorate my new house. I have been pouring over Pinterest and magazines! I vowed that I will decorate my house before I decide what to do! lol
Thanks for stopping by and see you on Thursday for Tablescape Thursday & Let's Dis
Blessings My Friend,
I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it. (Revelation 3:80
God's master plan for you is the acceptance of Jesus as your Savior so you might receive His ongoing grace in this life and His gift of eternal life in heaven. Heaven is your destiny........