Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Coming Up Roses

I am in a rosy mood today. I went grocery shopping this morning. That did not put me in a good mood! The prices are sky high...... But the sun is shining and I am happy to be breathing!
Even in my pain, I am grateful for the little things. I am choosing to be happy!

My table today is a happy table. I am not sure it is an Easter table but I stuck in a few marble eggs around the bottom of my centerpiece. I haven't even had time to think about Easter! I'm getting that way as I get older. We don't have any family in Texas so I tend to just move through the holidays. Does anyone else do that? Besides, I have been so busy taking care of Mr. Sweetladyelaine & myself. Time just seems to march on.........

I love this tablecloth with roses all over it! It just makes me want to dance and sing around the table. I love roses so it was right up my alley so to speak. I bought it at a flea market in Illinois last year.

 I think these were the first set of dishes I bought when I became a blogger.
 They say "United Utilities Corp Sovereign" on the back.
 I looked them up and the pattern is Lyric.  

I jazzed them up using zebra chargers.
The little silver clam dish is so versatile. I am using to hold used teabags in this tablescape. 

                       My cardinals came out to play in the sunshine too!

                             I am starting to love creamer and sugar bowls!
                            What's not to love???????/
                             I have a few but I know I am in trouble.....
                             I am trying so hard not to collect. Are you still collecting?
                             I collect what I love but I love so much! LOL

 I was a teenager when the  love of old teapots, teacups, creamer & sugar bowls hit me.
I loved matching sets then, now, it doesn't matter I just use everything!
The teapot is from East Liverpool Potteries, Semi vitreous Porcelain, USA.
The creamer is Limoges, France and the sugar bowl says nothing on the bottom.


Roses, Roses and more roses! I think I just love old..........

A Memory....
My Aunt Emily gave me this Blue Victorian Vase years ago.
It is a favorite treasure! It usually sits in my bathroom on my tub.
I just love, love, love it!
                                              Do you treasure one item over another??????

Someday I will have to take pictures of all my glass pieces.
I love glass because its shiny!
Why else!

I have to thank Mr. Sweetladyelaine for this centerpiece.
 It was a gift from some friends. I just changed the bow, put it on a plate, threw some marbled eggs around it and there you have it!

I am so happy you stopped by to see me. Please come again.
I am in the middle of a few projects.
No sure when everything will get done......but I have lots of time!
One last picture
I will be joining:
Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday
Alma's Seasonal Sunday
Blessings My Friend,
"Our self worth can only be found in the yeses of the one who made us". 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

My dear Blogger,

I am so sorry I haven't been posting.  I had all good intentions but Mr. Sweetladyelaine has been sick. He was in the hospital for some time. He is on the road to recovery but it will be a long one.  So, as his caretaker I have been quite busy keeping him comfortable! Of course cleaning and entertaining all the well wishers too! It has been a great experience and life changing for us both. We saw God every step of the way!

In all our turmoil  Spring has arrived in Texas! The weather has been beautiful! Today it was warm enough for me to put on shorts !  I have taken some outdoor pictures of my new front and side yard to share.
I have been anxious to see what pops up if anything. This house is not as well landscaped as our other houses but I can fix that a little at a time.

This is the side yard. Those are my kitchen windows. Not too much growing here.

A closer look. I bought a new humming bird feeder for this sunny spot. I open the blinds and peek at the birds. Our hummingbird feeders are mostly in our backyard. So far no hummingbirds but lots of others visiting my bird bath!!

The tall tree in the first picture is my lemon tree. Here is a close up. I can't wait to see them grow!
I have two very small orange trees and a grapefruit tree in our backyard with flowers on them.
I find this exciting!
This is sitting in the corner, just above the birdbath in the first picture.
Just one lonely flower.........

We live on a corner lot so this is looking down the street from our driveway.

We have lots of "Forever Roses" all around the house.

The front of the house is mostly greenery.

 I would like to have more color. Behind the bushes are red roses.

 It's a little plain for me. They put rocks close to the front door on each side.  Our house doesn't have any gutters, so when it rains it kills whatever is growing there.
That will have to change in the future. I don't like the rocks. Too many weeds are popping up. I like a clean front way.

To tell you the truth, I don't like bugs therefore I will not dig in the dirt in Texas. So gardening is out for me. Texas just has too many big bugs for me plus red ants etc. I am not a fan of any kind of bug. I scream like a wild woman.
When I was about ten years old,  I bolted through glass shower doors because I had a spider visit me while I was taking a shower. I didn't get hurt just scared me to death!

I am glad I sat down today and wrote to you. I feel much better. I will try to keep up with it at least once a week or so while Mr. Sweetladyelaine is recovering.

I hope you have a great week and thank you for visiting.
Blessings My Friend,