Thursday, July 17, 2014


I never heard of chayote, and this is really a shame, because I live in Texas where it is available all the time at the markets. It's called Agrocosco  and comes from Mexico.
 It's a pale green little squash, not much bigger than your hand, and it's usually smooth-skinned with large folds and puckers that look like a mouth pursed up.
It's from the same family as most gourds and squash, as well as cucumbers.

I am familiar with the chayote from my neighbor, Yvette.
She invited us to dinner Memorial weekend.
 I am  always excited to see what Yvette cooks.
 Mr. Sweetladyelaine not so much!

How do you cook chayote?
It's used in curries, raw in salads, boiled, mashed, stuffed and fried.
 It excretes a sticky residue when it's peeled, so recipes sometimes call for gloves.

Yvette & her husband Wallace come from Grenada.
She is making us goat, lamb, kale salad, and chayote.
We have never eaten any of the above before.
 We were a little nervous but willing to try.

Have you ever gone to someone's house and not sure if you will like what they were cooking?                            

  You can see Yvette and her Mamma cooking lots of food.

                                        Mr. Sweetladyelaine watching...... lol
                                        He is not a big one on trying new foods!

                                           Yvette is washing kale for a salad.
                                     She told me to clean & soak kale in vinegar for a few minutes.
                               The vinegar is a cleaning agent and also softens the sometimes bitter kale.

                                  Add a little olive oil, juice of a lemon & a lime, salt & pepper!
                                                                That's it!

                                         The boys doing what they do best!

                                        This is a delicious Hibiscus tea!

                  Put in boiling water: hibiscus flowers, a bay leaf and a cinnamon stick.
                                          Let it steep until the water gets really red.
                                                           add agave to taste.
                                        I think you can add any sweetener you want!
                                     Pour half of the tea mixture in a glass with ice and
                                     add your favorite sparkling water to fill the glass
It was delicious!
Yvette gave me a packet to take home. I have not tried to make it on my own.
You can buy the flowers at a health food store too!
In Texas, I can buy them in the market!
                          Yvette stuffed the chayote with ground lamb like you make a meat loaf!

                                                    When dinner was served we had soup.
                                                          I forgot what kind.

Curried lamb and goat
                                                          Kale salad and stuffed chayote

                                                                       Spinach salad

Our happy faces!
We are always happy when we are eating!

                       It was so much fun trying new foods! I just was in my glory!
                       Maybe its because they cooked and I got to sit back and drink my hibiscus tea.
                       It's always a treat when someone else does the cooking!

I did try and cook chayote........I sliced it thin and  put it on an oiled cookie sheet. I put salt, pepper and garlic powder on the slices.  I cooked it in the oven on 350 degrees about 15 minutes or until soft.
It was delicious!  You need to try it if you can find it in your markets. Use it instead of potatoes.
Something new to cook and introduce to your family.

Thanks for stopping by.....I had fun reliving this weekend! Hope you have a great week!

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  1. Happy to see your new neighbors are so nice and becoming good friends. Dinner sounds delicious. i have eaten lamb many times, I think I may have tasted goat once many years ago. Italians like to make lamb and goat at Easter. I have to look for this chayote which I never saw, and also hibiscus tea and follow this recipe. Love Yvette's table, too. xo

    1. Thanks Barbara,
      I am making friends here in Texas. It is so hard for me because we move so often but I like learning new things. Mr. Sweetladyelaine is not much of an adventurer. I think I make up for both of us! Thanks for stopping by....
      Blessings My Friend,

  2. I love agua de jamaica, it is the only "tea" that I will drink. I used to make it often when I lived in Phoenix...can't find the hibiscus flowers here, unfortunately. I have stained many shirts by splashing it on them! I also like a good rack of lamb, but not cabrito, so much...too strong tasting for me.
    Have a wonderful week, Elaine.

    1. Marigene,
      Thanks for the name of the tea! I know she told me but this gringo couldn't remember, never mind how to spell it! lol If you send me your address, I would love to mail you some hibiscus flowers!
      Blessings My Friend,

  3. You are an adventurer! I don't know if I could eat any of that...I'm pretty picky and wimpy...I did enjoy the kale tip though, about soaking in vinegar, very good to know!

  4. What a lovely dinner, i like chayote, I sauté it in onions and garlic and cook it with shrimp.

    1. Thanks for a new way to make chayote! We love shrimp! Glad you stopped by....
      Blessings My Friend,