Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Loud and Clear

As I am setting this table I am laughing and saying oh dear! This is so not me..............or is it?
I dress in bright colors but my home furnishings and everything else is more traditional.
 Quiet. Not bold in color at all.......
I tend to like glitzy, pretty and soft colors on my tables. I always struggle when I have to set a different table.
I am struggling my way through this but decided I need a few bold colored accessories and two tall candlesticks that match!

I feel a day thrift day in the air!!!!!!!  lol

My inspiration for this table was the blanket I found at the Thrift Store a few weeks ago.
Of course, Sweet Pea is supervising!
In fact, she is  usually right behind me so that I am stepping on her!

                           I couldn't decide which salad plate I liked best so I used both of them.
                          The striped plate is "Set Sail" by DEMDACO. I use them almost everyday!

                            The green salad plate is "Home Essentials," Pisa Collection
                            The heart bowls are from Michael's a while back.

     This is what the blue & gold one looks like...........this was taken as I was setting the table.
     Like a picture was going to help me decide which plate looked better! lol
     It is "Mesa Alegre" from Pier 1 imports.

    Isn't that what setting  tables is all about, FUN!!!!
    If you can't have fun doing why do you do it!

 Of course, my favorite drink since I have a pool and live in Texas is a frosty Margarita!!!
 The tall blue glasses are at least 30 years old.
 I bought them in Bradley's Department store in my home town.
 The Margarita glasses are from Marshal's.

I did change my centerpiece as I was writing this post..........
I think I like the sunflowers much better!

Which one do you like? I find if you play around enough it does get better. I really like to take a few days to set a table. It always comes out much better, when I am using colors that are different or new to me.

Well there you have it, a Mexican kind of table set by a New Yorker at heart!  I may never be a Texan but I do love the weather, food and people! Come visit Texas! Everything is bigger in Texas!
See you by the pool!

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  1. Love all the pretty bright colors, love the's fun to mix up the colors and get some new looks and you always have to have staple dishes that just mix with that...thanks for sharing, come on over for a visit...

  2. I really like your tablescape, the vibrant colors are wonderful! and I totally understand about struggling with the table..there are some that I have done in 30 minutes and ever now and again it takes me hours....I do the same as you, sometimes I just put the dishes there and let that marinate for a day until I get inspired.

  3. I think it's sometimes fun to move out of your comfort zone and try to style in a different and unusual aesthetic. That's essentially what deigning for a client is all about... ;-) I worked for years in the fashion industry and while most of the time I worked for companies whose aesthetic I enjoyed, there were some years I did a hip hop line which was totally not me. But it stretches you. I think you did great here, and curiously, the colorful feel actually sits well with your colorful header photo! Very nice.


  4. What a great tablescape! I LOVE all the colors and different patterns and absolutely agree that the sunflowers really do accent everything perfectly!! I know what you mean about getting creatively stuck sometimes when trying to complete a table. Sometimes it takes me a couple of days to find just the right combination of things, too. But, that's what I love about this hobby. Thinking about tables can be a great distraction when life gets a bit overwhelming! Thanks for sharing such a festive setting. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  5. Hi, Elaine! The "struggle" is half the fun!!! You get to play with everything like we did with Barbie house when we were a kid, and it's just fun to see where it all takes you! There's no one "right" look, so in my eyes both centerpieces work with the setting as do both salad plates. Choices! Aren't they wonderful?!! :-)

    You may be a New Yorker at heart, but you are finding your stride as a Texan! Go, girl!!!!!