Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Happiness is ....setting a table!

I am happy to be setting a tablescape today. This is just one place setting with all the pieces that I have for sale. I have had this in my shop for awhile and love it!

The pattern is by Metlox "Sculptured Daisey". Many of you have set a table with this pattern.
 It is made by the Metlox/Vernon Company in California. It was made from 1964-1983.
 My runner is a light green rug with rubber backing.

My centerpiece is a wire piece and I put the floral arrangement in it.

This might be a better picture of the centerpiece.

The sculptured daisey pattern is embossed on the rim. When you run your fingers over the rim you can feel the pattern. The pumpkins are glass.

My flatware is made by EKCO Eterna. It has brown rosewood handles.

Vegetable bowls, oval platters & gravy bowl. You can see the backs of the Canisters.

Before I forget, I want you to see the table that I am using.......a vintage 1970's, I think.

It is very narrow, 221/2 inches wide, but has the sides that make it wider.  Also the neat bench! A pretty cool table!


I am glad I had a chance to share with you. It was fun! I miss you......

Thank you to Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for hosting Tablescape Thursday and Coloradolady for hosting Vintage Thingie Thursday.

 I will try to visit as many tablescapes and vintage places as I can......Have fun!

Blessings My Friend,


  1. Sweet Lady Elaine!

    What a beautiful home and table scape! And many thanks for coming to visit today! Sometimes, there are no words, aren't there?


  2. You have wonderful taste when setting a table.

  3. The table is beautiful and love the tablescape!...Christine

  4. I remember when those tables with the long benches were very popular! I have seen dishes like yours on several blogs and every single time I think they are beautiful. My mom was called "Daisy" by all her friends so I have a soft spot for that flower! Nice to see your post! Linda

  5. Sweet Lady Elaine,
    It's been sometimes I did not visit you. Wow... your collection is to drool for. I love the flatwares.

    Your wiring centerpiece is adorable. TY for sharing this as I have almost the same one, apart from the fot. Yours is so gracious while mine is more masculine in look. I will do some centerpiece on that when I am back from a month R&R.

    Hugs from D´Box,

  6. I hope you're enjoying running your new consignment shop. It looks like you have something for everyone! I've never seen rosewood-handled flatware like yours. It's so versatile!

  7. I love those dishes....they're so pretty! And that is a great table and chair (and bench) set! I remember ones like those back in my day :)
    Happy VTT!

  8. Love that silverware with the brown handles, and your vintage table is wonderful. I love tables with bench seats.

  9. Hey there, Miss Elaine! Good to see you! I'm checkin' out that table, and it reminds me of one my Mom bought back in the 60s or 70s. In my mind that would be the perfect table for our kitchen dining area since it's so small. I could have the option to widen it at will. I also really like the idea of a bench because you can seat at least one additional person more than you can with chairs, two if it's little kids or really skinny people! :-) The daisy pattern on the dishes is so cute. Reminds me of "You've Got Mail"! :-) Have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!!!

  10. Hi, SL Elaine, and thanks for stopping by to see me. You have your shop set up so cute. I am one of the bloggers that has that Daisy pattern, also Susan at Between Naps on the Porch has them.