Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter is here????????

This is the first Easter table I have set this year and I won't be using it! 
Mr. Sweetladyelaine and I are not doing any entertaining this holiday. 
We are going to a neighbors for brunch!
For the holiday I always use good china & crystal. 
My mom does too and so the tradition goes on. LOL
Today, I did use a mix........because I can!
A blue glass charger with my Blue Garland dinner plate, salad plate and a Gibson white bowl.
Nothing fancy, it  just speaks simple. 
The elegance comes from the tablecloth, silver and centerpiece. 

Each white bowl has a special egg inside. I bought these in IL at a flea market.

 Eggs are all over our house on Easter. My mom gave me at least 50 marbled eggs.
 If you look closely at my pictures you can see them on the table.

My Blue Garland coffee set by Haviland

 Blue Garland casserole dish

A view of the whole table

                         I hope you have a wonderful Easter! 

       Blessings My Friend,

I will be joining:

Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blue at the Zoo

Just to update you...................
Mr. Sweetladyelaine is still working on his promoting his business and job hunting. It seems to be picking up.  We have hit a rough patch, but I am not homeless yet!
Praise God! HE is faithful!
The past few weeks have been heartbreaking for me..........my Aunt Elaine's husband, Edmond "Babe"  passed away on the 10th and eleven days later her brother, my uncle, Gene (Chip) died on the 21st unexpectedly. I must admit, reality set in. My Uncle Chip, as we called him was 66 years old. When we lived New York,  Chip, Gretchen, John & I were together most weekends.
I didn't forget you all, just have had a little set back.

Now that you are caught up.......................
The inspiration for my table today came from Russian napkin rings on loan to me by my friend, Rosie. I love when friends allow me to borrow their treasures!
Cobalt blue is the theme today!
I used my glass Pier 1 chargers with the Russian napkin ring and yellow bandannas as napkins.

 Topped them with "Gibson" white dinner plates

and my white & blue Fitz and Floyd, Allegro in glazed blue.

 My tea set was bought at a garage sale many years ago for $5.00
on Union Street in Schenectady, NY.
There are no markings on it at all. It's just chunky and old. I love it!
It sits on the top shelf of my desk where I use my computer so I can look at it everyday.

My pitcher is a fairly new find from The Thrift store here in Spring, Texas.
The blue details are beautiful!

 My little blue bird keeps his eye on the table by sitting in yellow "Sweet Olive Designs" crown bowls.

I used my milk glass pretzel compote and sat a Pier 1 yellow bowl in it filled with red roses. I use mirrors alot and this happens to be one that I bought for a wall in one of my houses that never got hung up in any house. It just sits under centerpieces as their base! LOL Simple but really gives the table the color!

A final look at the whole table!

Lately Mr. Sweetladyelaine and I have not been entertaining, so my tables are set just for you. I hope I inspire you as you do me. Can't wait to see all the pretty tables this week. I have been missing you!

I will be joining:

Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday

Blessings My Friend,
I will never leave nor forsake you. ( Hebrews 13:5)

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Black, White & Red

And I through in a little turquoise for fun! 

Here's how it all started.........................
I bought a new lace runner at Hobby Lobby and started to put away my Valentine decorations and this table evolved. I have never set a black and white table before so I was kind of excited! I wasn't sure what dishes I could use.............

I started to use white but decided to look through my dishes and see what I could find. I found these black and white ones but I only have three. (I have to stop buying only three.......I need to at least buy four dishes) Do you do that?
 I think when I bought them I thought I could buy another one somewhere else, and it never happened. I thought they looked like they were from the Dollar Store.

I used red round placemats for color!

Anyway here is the placesetting I used my favorite white bowls.

My centerpiece is white milk glass separates with roses and turquoise beads to give it some color.

I just got the cute black iron teapot from my friend, Rosie.
 I used turquoise votives to carry the color. I forgot to put in the candles. No candlelight today.

My little elephant is there just because he's cute!

A very simple everyday table for us!

I am a little late getting this done today. I hope you don't mind that I rushed.
Thinking of you today! Have a wonderful weekend.

Blessings My Friend,

I will be joining
 BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday

Rustic & Refined  for Table It Sunday

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

I Love Another

I know it happens.......... I am  just a little bit tired of not being able to do what I want to do.
I need a little freedom. More room!
Always doing the same thing week after week........................................it doesn't end!
Kind of like doing the laundry. Yuck!
My love will never  go away.............................I'm a little bored.  I tried new things.
But the romance is just not there this week!
Kind of!

No, I would never give up my dishes! My heart still loves tablescaping! Silly!
I am trying to cleaning out my book shelf ! Well, actually cookbooks right now.
I already cleaned out my school stuff.
NOW cookbooks, then bible study stuff and last my books. I may not do the last one! LOL
I love to cook almost as much as I love setting tables.
I love to do lots of different things!
I do alot, I just happen not to share everything!
I am not sure why.  Most times it's because I forget to take pictures until its all over or I'm finished!

So my dilemma today is what to keep............................................
I emptied all the cookbooks I need to look through.

I want to keep all these! 

These are the problem!

I absolutely love all of my Taste of Home magazines. It has great recipes.
I do have a few favorites I have kept over the years in my notebook.
I will have to show you that too! I have all of the year 2012 and a few of 2013.
I throughout all of the ones before 2012 in 2012! LOL

Another favorite is my little Italian cookbook.
I have made several of the recipes and will never get rid of it!
So it stays on the shelf.

This is another favorite because my daughter used this to learn to cook.
 She isn't married and doesn't have any children......so that theory went out the window! LOL
 How we save!

These are pamphlets that are not made any more......I can see where I am going with all this!
I will be saving more than I care too! LOL

 Your wondering why am I doing this? I haven't the fainest idea!
I just think I'm 62 and it's time to clean out the paper mess.
I maybe moving again and I am carrying all this extra stuff!
 Is it just me? I never use half of it!

Well, while I am waiting for your answers.................................................................
I think I'll show you how I save my favorite recipes. You know the ones I make alot!
I use a pink binder to hold everything.

All the recipes are in sleeves.
I bought them at Office Max.
I take out the sleeve, make the recipe, wipe it off and put it back in my pink binder.
All nice and clean. A great way not to loose your favorites!

So where am I with all this mess? Right back where I started! LOL

I think I'll sell what I absolutely don't want and take it from there.
If I can just weed out a little at a time, all might be well.
Meanwhile I will wait for suggestions from you.....................................

Blessings My Friend,