Sunday, December 12, 2010


I am doing this post early so that when you hear from me next we should be on our way to TEXAS! We will be leaving for Texas on December 17th.  I am hoping to at least take a few pictures of our move... but knowing me, I will forget in all the confusion.

Since this is my first year blogging you have not seen my house all decorated for Christmas. Soooo.............. I thought I would show you. I really will miss this house! Although the Texas house is nice, I love this house.
I have been attached to only one house before first little house!

Christmas seems like a wonderful time of the year. Everyone is so happy and jolly most of the time. I love decorating and my mom always decorated her whole house and that's probably why it is special to me.

This is the tree in our family room. It is decorated with ornaments I have collected over the past years. I have a few that were on my mom's tree when I was a child, some from vacations, some from my daughter's childhood, people gave me some and some my husband and I bought.  Each one has a story and that's what I love! History!!!! Christmas Past! Memories!

This is the tree in our living room. Phantom has passed, but Caesar still loves that spot on the couch!

I like the white tree against the red background!

The fireplace in my family room is awesome in this house!  I love trees and have been collecting since I moved here.

This tree is in my dining room.....I love how this tree sparkles so much, that it is there all year round!

You can see the above tree in the mirror!

This ceramic tree my mom made in 1977. I use it as a night light.

This tree is in my little bathroom. Yes, it is pink! It sits next to the pedestal sink. Isn't the wallpaper pretty!

I have realized looking at all these pictures again that I collect quite a few things: trees, snowmen, pitchers, teapots, cups, jewelry, recipes, shoes, candlesticks, dishes, candles to name a few......
Oh my!!!
Do you collect like me?

I hope you have enjoyed the tour of my trees. I certainly did! It's so nice to reminisce about Christmas's past.

Please some back again......
May Jesus  richly bless you  during this Holiday season. May you find your way to Him!

Blessings my dear friends,



Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hi Everyone,
I just can't believe that I keep missing Tablescape Thursday! The days are flying by and I feel like I keep running but never catch up. So I guess I better tell you what's up....

The closing for our house is suppose to be December 15th.....and we would leave with our "zoo" for Houston the next morning! Our "zoo", consists of 3 dogs, a bird and a race car in tow.  The movers are coming this Friday and then again Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. (Dishes weigh, I guess!)
But...this is all tentative!!!! OH MY........

Therefore ladyelaine decided to show you a tablescape a little early or is it late???  I'm not sure!

This is Thanksgiving at my mom's in Schenectady. I was so afraid I would forget to take pictures that I just took them while I was setting the table and it wasn't even finished! I think the important thing is I remembered to take the pictures!!!!

I did light the candles while I was setting the table

I made artichoke dip with crusty bread for an appetizer.

Shrimp cocktail was our first course. My mom insists on fruit for the centerpiece with candles. the bowl and candsticks are vintage.

This was our first Thanksgiving without my Dad and I must admit, it was difficult. When we prayed we mentioned our loss. I know God heard us. We were thankful for being together. We know we will be in Houston for Christmas...our first, away from home. God knows how we feel, but I also know he has a plan for my husband and I. We will be where we are suppose to be. We are thankful for that!

I did use my mom's Nortake china, silver and crystal.  I have to tell you it all went well.

We did try something different... we went visiting to friends after dinner. That was the best thing we could have done. We all watched a movie together. The evening ended with laughter and hugs!

Well..that's it!!!!! I feel much better that I posted today!

Thank you for coming by......

I miss you all.

Remember to Thank our Lord for the little things in your life!

Blessings my friends!