Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I have spent about nine weeks in  a Beth Moore bible study and tomorrow is our brunch.
 Everyone signs up to bake, or bring something.  At my table, several of the women volunteered to set the table with paper products. I am bringing the napkins, a tablecloth  and the centerpiece.
 I wanted to set the whole table but others wanted to help.
So I decided to show you how I would set the table if I had my way!
Of course,  my brain started to run away with all kinds of ideas!
The church has huge round tables that seat ten of us.
I couldn't set a table for ten, so I am showing you a vignette.
I guess you can say, this is how I build some of my tables.
 Especially if I want  to use a  particular dish or tablecloth.

                                     I decided to use this  gold embroidered square table cloth. 
                                              I bought it at The Thrift store in Houston.
                                  It has been hanging in my tablecloth closet for a few months.

My centerpiece is a cake plate that sits  on the top of a fancy gold mirror and
 holds a faux pumpkin filled with flowers, gourds and pumpkins.
 I set the pumpkin on a string of leaves so it doesn't look bare.
I decided this year, I am in love blue with  pumpkin.
 So I would use my Blue Garland plates by Haviland.
I tend to go dressy when setting a table and decorating.
 And to keep the table a little casual, pumpkin dishes for dessert!

                                        I used a few holiday decorations to set the mood.
                                      A green depression plate with a glass pumpkin on top.
                             I bought the glass pumpkins at the CTS in Albany, NY a few years back.

                                          A little leaf dish purchased at The Thrift store.

                                                       and salt & pepper pumpkins

                                 These are the napkins I am bringing for our brunch on a pumpkin plate.
                                              I bought these at Wal-Mart a few days ago.

And the last picture is of the whole  vignette !
Every time I set a table, by the time I am finished I have changed something or used something different. Its part of the fun. If it's not fun why tablescape!
 I am looking forward to this brunch and my relaxing morning with the ladies.
 Hope you enjoyed my faux brunch table.
 Come back and visit again! 

Blessings My Friend,

I will be joining:
 Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday

Have a Cup of Mrs. Olsen for Share Your Cup Thursday #126


  1. Hi, Elaine! Right about now I imagine you are at your brunch and enjoying the company of all the guests assembled. I hope you're having a great time and eating lots of good food!

    I understand about wanting to kick it up a notch beyond paper products, but sometimes we just have to roll with it. You were very gracious in working with the other women. The up side of it is that you got to create something at home to appease your creativity aching to run wild! I really like the combination of pumpkin and's different and stands out in a dramatic way. Your centerpiece really speaks to the autumn season without looking "overdone."

    Very nicely done, Elaine. Have a wonderful weekend and get rested up for "the big day." It's so hard to believe Thanksgiving is a scant 2 weeks away!!!

  2. Your Blue Garland Haviland china is just like my first set of china!! I think I got it at Kroger BEFORE we got married. Great choice, Elaine!! Beautiful and festive table! You're right, it's fun to see the tablescape evolve as you set it and change things up. Enjoy your brunch!

  3. Love how all of this came together! Your Haviland china is lovely and looks great on this table. Love your glass pumpkins and the centerpiece.

  4. Elaine, I tend to tweak tables as well. I love the tablecloth! You have mixed elegance and casual so well together! Thanks for sharing with SYC.