Tuesday, August 13, 2013

To Match or Not to Match...........

I have finally decided I am a person that likes everything to match! I was setting this table for lunch and just couldn't  put it together. It took me so long.....
I just didn't like anything or I didn't have the right thing...............whatever that means! lol
This is what I ended up with anyway! lol
We are in my kitchen at my round table, again......
One of these days I won't be so lazy and set a table outside.

                      I keep setting the round table because I have place settings for two.
                               I am trying not to acquire too many dishes. Can you relate?
                                                I do think it is a little late for that.......
                    Mr. Sweetladylaine had to put in two more shelves in my pantry for me.

                                                I bought these dishes at Old Time Pottery.
                                            I use the same utensils every week, Paul Revere.
                                                                 I have had them forever.
                                   I love these green dishes and wished HomeGoods had more.
                                                                       I only have two.
                                             Why is it, they never have what you really love!

                                     A sweet little casserole dish.....I use these for soup a lot!
                                                These are from Dollar General in Texas.

I thought for a change a tea cup might be nice.
 My teapot has two different sides.
             Mr. Sweetladyelaine bought it for me for some occasion. lol  I can't remember!

                         At one time, I collected pitchers. Now, I stopped collecting them.
                                               Have you stopped collecting certain things?
A mirror on the bottom, a wreath of roses, pop-it pearls and a hurricane candle make up my centerpiece.
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Blessings My Friend,
Do not be overcome by evil,
but overcome evil with good
Romans 12:21
God gives us as His children today His presence through the Holy Spirit, and a promise of His provision with one stipulation: Leave the world behind and follow Him.


  1. Such a beautiful setting Sweet lady Elaine! I love the pottery dishes and everything else too. I have a round table I love and use a lot. I love yours! Big hugs,

  2. The gentle touches of green are such a welcome sight for the eyes. Beautiful table. Years ago Sweet Mister made it known that he really liked eagles. This was in the lala oil days, and clients, business contacts...everyone imaginable gave him eagles. He finally had to announce that he was OE'd (that's over eagled). The collection had to stop before it consumed his office and our home. I will say that he has some gorgeous eagles. I collected pitchers until I had enough to serve my needs...then I quit, too. Collections are fun, though. They can make wonderful centerpieces for our tablescapes. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  3. Beautiful table, Elaine....looks kinda romantic...Christine

  4. Very nice spot to sit and enjoy good food and companionship! Love those green plates. Same thing happens to me and TJMaxx, so i quit going. I have enough pitchers now.. yep, that had to stop. Now I'm onto tureens of all sizes. Pretty soon that will have to stop. I'm actually purging dishes. Oh my, there I said it. Your green pieces are a great color! Hope you find more. xo marlis

  5. Elaine, I like everything you wrote about in your post.. :-) it really hit home with me. yes, I have many things I have stopped collecting..my desires have changed or I had all that I wanted. LOL and your round table. I am searching my house for a place to put a round table ..just the size of yours..I wish I had an eat in kitchen but mine is too small for a table...I am being drawn more and more to setting a tablescape for two..we are empty nesters and most days there are just the two of us. and I often find dishes while thrifting that have only two place settings..and they are too good to pass up.....sooooo I really enjoyed your blog today...
    Love, Mona
    oh, yes..your table is lovely..I have my beloved Paul Revere too..but I probably already told you that..

  6. I love the variety of shapes and patterns and they all come together beautifully!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  7. I think the setting is just lovely,and I really enjoyed your conversation as I read through it. Yep. I love things to match too. And yep. I have stopped collecting things. I used to collect bells, but I ended up only saving a few of them and giving the rest away.

  8. On my goodness! I stated writing in my last post that I was a matchy-matchy girl, but I deleted it, because I could not seem to make it fit into the post very well. Anyway, I identify! Love all of your pretty tableware, especially the green Block Optic teacup!

  9. I love the green square salad plates and the little casserole dishes. Very pretty little setting!

  10. You have done a great job of stacking the plates! The green ones are my favorite and I also think oh if only GH had just a few more. Sometimes i have gone to more than one store but then they can be sold out1 My collections are growing but I did stop the bear collection! Your table for two is so lovely and a pretty location in your home with the light shining in. Have a great week!


  11. I like your matchy-matchy table. I believe I'm a lot like that too. Your dishes are pretty and I really love your tea pot. Thank you so much for popping in to see me and your sweet comments.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Beautiful...your green Depression glass is to die for! Love it all.

  13. Thanks for dropping by and visiting my site!
    I really like your sweet table and all the different treasures you've found! They all compliment each other really well!
    I hope your house sells quickly!

  14. Lovely teapot and a beautiful setting with pretty dishes and lovely depression glass. Have a wonderful week.

  15. I wish I could stop collecting everything! I used to have just one set of everyday flatware, and all of sudden I am collecting all kinds of colored flatware. What a mistake!

    Pretty table Elaine! Where are you moving to this time. I remember when you moved from upstate NY.

  16. I really like to set tables for two--I don't know why! Your teapot is so pretty. I'll have a cup in your green glass teacup! Linda

  17. Sometime I like to have everything match too. I do certainly like your centerpiece.