Monday, December 8, 2014

Last time I wrote on Sweetladyelaine........

 I was telling you about a brunch for a Beth Moore bible study I had just finished. I signed up to bring the tableware. A few ladies decided to sign up too! I was not to happy!
 I was a little selfish.......after all,  I am a tablescaper!
I can do it better!  Have you ever felt this way?
I swallowed my pride and  I gave it all to God and look at the results!
 I wanted to share what a cute table it turned out to be!
We were so surprised that we all took pictures of it! LOL

                                  Aren't these plates adorable. They are from Target!

                                   I brought the napkins, tablecloth and centerpiece.

Janet brought the silverware.
Just a perfectly together table ...........

To top it all off.....all the ladies from other tables kept coming to look at our table.
 No one else set a cute table like we did. No one had a tablecloth or centerpiece!
I have to admit, it humbled me a little. I wanted to do it all!
 I felt that I could have set a better table all by myself.  God showed me different!
What an awesome God we have!
What a lesson I learned from a wonderful group of young mom's!
 I was in awe of the pretty table we set!
We had such a great time too! The food was great and the lesson even greater!
 Our table was getting a lot of attention and I was thanking God for our blessings.
I wanted to share this with you to remind everyone that one person can do a good job,
 but a group of ladies can do it better! I was so happy for my table that day. Everyone shined!
Thanks for reading my lesson learned. We all have lessons learned, can you share with me a lesson you learned.

Blessings My Friend,

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  1. He is indeed an awesome God, Elaine, and He works through each of us in different ways. Sometimes we have to swallow our desire to do it all and let others into our world. In doing so this time, you learned a little something-something about how a village can come together to create a table that is admired and appreciated. That's time definitely well spent.

    Merry, Merry Christmas and blessings to you and yours, Elaine. Take care.