Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Days are Flying By.....

I feel like it was yesterday that we moved to Illinois. We have been here January 20th and I am still not unpacked......
Oh well,........I think I'll take a break and have some tea.....

Would you like to join me?????? It is just a very simple tea. Nothing to over the top.....You have to remember not everything is unpacked!

I do have my teacups unpacked........this one is Queen's China, Staffordshire.
The napkin is a hankerchief I bought a long time ago. The silver tray is a Goodwill find and so is the cakeplate holding the candle.

Of course what would tea be without my favorite cookies! They are on Sefton China. I'm not sure exactly what this is used for, but I have used it for cookies, trinkets and a soap dish.

Some new friends stopped by from Michael's. At 40% off who wouldn't tell them to stay! The vase is crystal and it not only holds flowers but toothpicks too!

Miss Sweetpea had to get her two cents in! She and her sisters are liking their new home.

I hate to rush off but I have lots to do! Come back and visit again! I'll be looking for you!

I am joining:
 Between Naps on the Porch,
Vintage Thingie Thursday,

Have a great week!
Blessings My Friend,


  1. Moving to me is the pits. I am not moving anymore till they haul me off. You unpacked just my kind of tea cup. Would love to join you.

  2. Lovely collection of vintage thingies! I love how you have everything arranged! Enjoy your new home :)

  3. I love your tea setting and sweetpea is a cutie!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Tea and cookies - looks wonderful. Enjoy your unpacking - might as well, it will have to get done. Besides, you may find a treasure or two you've forgotten about and that will make it all worth it. Or you could just have another cup of tea....

  5. Beautiful tea table! I love your clever idea of hankie for napkin.

  6. HI Elaine, and welcome to Illinois. Quite the move from Texas. Winter is almost over and Spring is certainly right around the corner. I hope you enjoy your new home. Thanks for having us round for tea. Liz

  7. So pretty and feminine! Just right for pampering yourself! Put your feet up and enjoy your tea and biscuits!

  8. So you're settling in OK? Don't worry about the'll come in its own good time! There is always SO much to do, and you're still trying to just adjust to your new surroundings. By this time next year, it'll be nothing but a memory. Since you're in Illinois now, who knows...maybe you'll run into Oprah at the grocery store! :-) I love the "soap dish" for the cookies! I have used soap dishes for bread plates in the past. We're just "different" and fun!!! :-) Have a great weekend, and let those boxes unpack themselves!

  9. Very pretty!What a wonderful setting for tea!

  10. Your new home is beautiful, good luck with everything Elaine! What a sweet tea, I would love to share some with you and sit and chat!

  11. I don't like to pack but I love to unpack and settle in to a new place! I'm glad to see you have your priorities straight and started with those pretty teacups! Enjoy your new house and your new state! Linda

  12. A line from a song popped in my head as I looked at your photos--these are a few of my favorite things! You have tea and cookies, pearls and crocheted lace, and cute little birds! I'm in heaven!

    We moved three times when the kids were small, and I felt the need to make each home as familiar as possible, as quickly as possible, for their sake. If I moved today, I would take my own sweet time to unpack. Just have fun with it!

  13. Such wisdom to stop and take a break from unpacking with a beautiful table set for tea. I'm impressed that you could find these lovely goodies already. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  14. The way this day has gone a sweet cup of tea would set things right .Love the tea cup.