Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I just thought I would catch you up to what is going on.
I have been gone for so long I hope you haven't forgotten me.
Things here are a little crazy ......

Mr. Sweetladyelaine has started his own company. He is also looking for a job just in case the business takes too long to fly.
 He has been living and breathing it for the past two months. That means he is home 24/7!
 That means my time is not my own..........that means no money coming in!
Moving may be in our future......
Can I hear an OH MY!!

The great news!!!!!
 My nephew is coming from Maryland to see us for Thanksgiving!
I am so excited I can hardly breath! No one has come to visit since we have moved here!
I am going to plan, plan and then plan some more!
I have invited our neighbors to join us for our Thanksgiving turkey!
The more the merrier and it will  to be more conversation for us all!
 Can you imagine the three of us at dinner,?????? We are use to big family events!

With my calendar in hand, I am going write down everything I have to do between now and then.

Meanwhile, I thought you might like to smell our lemons. Lol

 I can see them right outside my kitchen window!

There are about 10 of them. Yes, I am counting them!

I already have used one when I baked my apple pie. It smelled so wonderful!
Not a big fan of lemons but they sure look pretty!
I will start to get around and see what's going on in blogland this week.
Until then Sweetladyelaine is pushing on......
Blessings My Friend,


  1. Hi Elaine...guess you shouldn't have unpacked...where are you thinking of moving to? You should be an expert at it! Hope your hubby's business is a big success.
    Have a great time with your nephew. Take lots of photos of your table!
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hey there, little chick! Welcome back to the nest!!! Great to read there are wonderful things going on in your life! It's so great of you to invite your neighbors for Thanksgiving! It will keep the conversation lively and really invoke a sense of gathering. I'm sure your nephew is just as excited about coming as you are!

    Your lemons look great! Congratulations! No lemons growing here in the middle of the country. We are in a deep freeze with temperatures already in the below freezing zone and wind chills near zero. What a bummer! This is more like January than November!!! :-(

    If I don't get a chance to tell you later, I hope you have a wonderful, safe, and loving Thanksgiving. Take care, and welcome back!!!

  3. Welcome back, Elaine!! Big things happening in your life = busy, busy!! I can relate, blogging is a fun hobby but life keeps me busy, too! Good luck on your hubby's new adventure. (and good luck to you taking care of him!)

    I'm jealous of those lemons, or anything in the garden. I just put mine to bed here in MO and it's FREEZING here today! Lucky lady to have those luscious lemons right out of your kitchen window.

    Enjoy the visit with your nephew on Thanksgiving. We're hosting my hubby's side one day and traveling to my side another. Being with those you love during the holidays is priceless!! Enjoy and hope to read more about your adventures soon!