Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I feel Green.......

This Tablescape was meant for last week but life happened here at the zoo.
So, I am posting it this week.
 I bet your wondering why I call my house a zoo????
Well you just keep wondering and when you decide why, you let me know! LOL

I bought these beautiful green glass chargers at Something Special and I just couldn't wait to use them. I actually wanted to use them for cookies with my green depression glass plates and with My Old Country Rose china.

Again, a simple dinner for hubby and me in the kitchen overlooking the pool!
The dishes are glass bought at the Dollar Store years ago. My mom and I have 12 each so we could put them together for large family dinners.

I used a green tablecloth folded in half to fit my small round table.
The lace overlay is my daughters veil from my brothers wedding.

Here's the other side of the plates!
The napkin was bought at is really a small scarf for a tabletop.

This is the inspiration for this whole table. The plate is an emerald green with a gold rim.
I am not sure if you can tell....

                           This is the flat plate......

                                This is the soup or salad plate.

The little glass has a slight green bottom. The larger wine glass is etched.
My centerpeice is simple. I don't have flowers in my garden so silk will have to do.  

I probably paid 50 cents for this many years ago. I learned about antiques from many people but I had a cousin, Georgia, and  she would find places to buy old things. We would drive miles and go crawling around in old barns, under houses and in cellars to see what we could find. It was always an adventure. Back then people were not interested in collecting.
 A relish tray with etched pictures of  celery, olives and pickles.

Crystal cruets for oil and vinegar

I had candles on the table too!
 I happen to love candles so I use them often.

                  And who do you think was watching all the activity ????
                     Sweet Pea of course!!!!

                             Thanks for stopping by...................
                             I appreciate your wonderful comments!!!!


 If you have a prayer request you can email me or leave it as a comment! 

  I am joining Susan at Between Naps On The Porch for Tablescape Thursday!
          Hope to see you there!

Blessings My Friend,



  1. You know I love this is my favorite color! Those plates are beautiful.
    Sweet Pea is adorable!

  2. Oh, look at Sweet Pea! Just precious. And I loved hearing about and seeing all the elements of your tablescape. That was so clever the way you showed off the design on the clear glass plates by backing them in another color with a base plate. And you got some great deals on your dishes!

    Happy Tablescape Thursday!



  3. Green is my favorite color~ and perfect for anytime of year! So nice that you & your mom can share your dishes for large gatherings! What a wonderful & sentimental touch re- purposing your daughter's veil on the table!

  4. Hi lovely lady.
    I love your sweet Tablescape for two. I see you overlay your tablecloth with a lace one this was a great idea. Your Emerald green plates are Beautiful.
    I hope you have a great weekend coming up.
    XXOO Diane

  5. Lovely table. You have some beautiful pieces and a beautiful home. But, the thing I like best, after visiting you several times over the past months, is your wonderful, sunny attitude!


  6. Hi, Elaine!!! found some incredible bargains!!! And it's really great that your Mom also has a dozen of the same pattern plate for larger groups. My Mom and I have such different taste when it comes to dishes that I don't think we will EVER have the same patterns in our collections! :-) We do seem to like the same stemware, though, so that's something at least! I love the way the pattern of the underplate is allowed to subtly peek through. Aaahh...the glory of clear plates! Have a wonderful weekend, sugar pumpkin pie!

  7. As usual, your tablescape is serene and elegant! Those plates are a great find and you've used them beautifully. Thanks for the inspiration (the pool also helps).

  8. Your little assistant is precious. Love the design of your pretty plates -- they're very simalar to some pink ones I have. How wonderful to have a ready supply for a large gathering.

  9. Love the deep green, and what a pretty effect with the veil! Thank you for sharing your lovely table for two! Looks like Sweet Pea thinks you forgot a third place setting. :)

  10. I'm with Marigene, I love green too! SO pretty and elegant! I love how you layered these elements which have meaning. It makes it all the more special. Beautiful! I love that you are taking prayer requests. So thoughtful:-) Thanks for stopping by!!

  11. Am a green lady too...

    Love the simple way you set and that more comfortable rather than full of blings.

    Happy TS...