Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Oh What a Beautiful Morning .......

Since we have moved to Texas we have been bound and determined to discover new things. This past weekend my husband and I went to Old  Town Spring.

Old Spring was first occupied by the Orcoquisac Indians who traded with the French and later the Spaniards.
In the early 1800's settlers began to make their way to the area, increasing trade and growth of the Spring area. Colonization began to flourish after Texas won its Independence from Mexico in 1836. Houston was founded the same year! In 1845 Texas became part of the US and homestead farming brought more growth to the area by German Settlers. After the Civil War more railroads were laid and rapid industrialization began for the Houston area. Spring was named by railroad workers who were laying tracks to the south during a harsh winter. When they reached the area it was Springtime and they were so excited about winter ending they named it "Camp Spring". In 1873, "Camp" was dropped and Spring became the base operation for railroad workers. This stimulated abundant growth for lumber companies and farmers and created jobs and opportunities for new immigrants to the area.
( Old Town Spring visitors guide)

So that is the beginning of this cute town....fascinating I think!
What did we discover when we went there!
                              150 shops!!!!!!
Each one offering unique merchandise from all over the world. It has Antiques, Collectibles, Clothes, Home Decor, Crafts, Speciality Items, Gifts, and wonderful Eateries!

I thought I would share a little bit of Old Town Spring with you and a little antiques shop I really liked.

You know, I forgot my camera and my husband had to go and get it.....The shops were fun, clean and family friendly.

This is The Amish Barn. Gorgeous furniture......

A beautiful store.....

The owner was so knowledgeable....lots of iron pieces! We enjoyed talking with him.

Sam's Antiques was another wonderful store....yellow building!
Sam, his wife and children were a delight!

A Louis the XV dresser that caught our eye.

A Hat Store.......

My favorite store......Do you know why???????

A Welcoming Porch.....Like Susan's...BNOTP!
(Between Naps On The Porch)

I am in love with porches....lots of garden accessories!

Did you think I forgot about Tablescape Thursday?????? Never!

I can just picture a handsome gentleman or an elegant lady sitting here on a sunny day reading their Bible and drinking a cup of tea.

How about enjoying a cup of tea?

 A pretty tea set for tea lovers!

This store had so many pretty things! I could have bought tons....
I loved the top of this dresser.

This is my favorite!  Roses and more Roses......

Dishes For Dish Lovers!!!!

Another beautiful room.....

Ideas for your kitchen.....

I hope you enjoyed our little tour of Old Spring Town...if you are ever in Houston put it at the top of your list to see!
I want to thank Carol Holland the owner of CR Collectibles for letting me take pictures of her beautiful store! She is such a doll!
You can reach her at

 Thank you to Susan at BNOTP for hosting
Tablescape Thursday.
I hope you stop and view as many tablescapes as you can.
They sure are lovely!

Blessings My Friends,


  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Those were some gorgeous dishes in there!!!

  2. Yes, isn't that the cutest little daughter loves going there. Hope all is well, Elaine...wonderful post, cookie...

  3. Hello Elaine,
    this was a wonderful tour through all the nice shops. It is a luck, that I had not the chance to be there - I would have liked to buy so many things and that is difficult when you travel by plane. So I could enjoy all the beauties on your blog. Tha hat is fabolous, I hope you bought it.
    Greetings, Johanna

  4. Elaine, I don't know how you resisted! So many lovely things. I am glad you are enjoying your new spot!

  5. What a fun visit~ Lots of treatures to be had, thanks for sharing your excursion!

  6. elaine, I so loved the trip you took us on today......what fun shopping! I want to go to the antique shop and look at their pretty plates. There are a huge variety of shops time I travel to Houston, I want to visit here. Living in North Texas, I must travel close to 6 hours. Thanks for you visit to y blog and the nice things you had to say!!!! Hugs. Phyllis

  7. I'm so glad that you're enjoying adventures in your new city. You're going to want to take a trip to Fredericksburg, Kerrville, and some of the other little towns in the area...antiquing heaven! And you'll want to learn your way to Canton...even more wonderful things to find! You're going to have a blast! Thank you for sharing your journey. Cherry Kay

  8. What a fun day!

    I grew up in Texas but never had the pleasure of visiting this charming town. Next time I come home we will have to go shopping together!

    Thanks so much for visiting my new blog and leaving such a kind commment and especially for following me!

  9. A dish collectors paradise! Looks like a fun place to your new hat, Elaine!

  10. I love Old Town Spring. Did you visit The Cottage Rose? My favorite store there. I live in East Texas, but love to visit this area. Your table was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
    Blessings, Sheila