Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Change is good.....

I suppose...................................................................
Fall is here! In doors at least! lol
In Texas it is still hot, but the calendar says the middle of September.
I am finally getting it! We go by the calendar not the weather! lol
I pulled out my fall stuff, just a week before our Sunday bible study breakfast.
It gave me motivation to get it done!
It appears that I have a motivation problem lately!
But once I get going watch out!

 This is the first time I left my centerpiece on the table throughout the whole breakfast.
Usually I take it off and later during dessert, put it back on or leave it off completely.
 Do you leave yours on or do you take it off?
Maybe it depends on how you serve your food.
I always do family style.

Happiness is having sunflower placemats with vintage glassware.

I love the etching on the glassware.
I bought them at a Family Thrift Store.

Of course, we needed to have a water glass and a glass for mimosas
Both glasses came from Tuesday Morning a few years ago.

This is the vignette on my coffee table in the living room,
just opposite the dining room.

Another vignette in my kitchen on my white childhood dresser.

And finally my mantle!
Our menu for the breakfast was very simple:
Praline French Toast Casserole
Impossible Quiche
Italian sausage
Potato & Cheese Casserole
Fruit compote
We had a wonderful time and enjoyed our fellowship together!
I forgot to take pictures of all of us. But that's the way it rolls here at the zoo!
Sometimes I get pictures and sometimes I don't!
Hope you got a little bit of inspiration here at Sweetladyelaine's!
Ya'll come back, ya hear!
( done in my best Texas accent with a little New York twang)
I will be joining:
 Tablescape Thursday at BNOTP
Share Your Cup Thursday at Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson
Blessings My Friend,


  1. I usually leave it on...the kids move it around a lot, but it generally stays! Your pumpkins are so festive!

    1. Thanks Kim for your comment and thanks for visiting me!
      Blessings My Friend,

  2. I either serve the plates or do buffet so the centerpiece can remain on the table. Your touches of fall will cool things down in Texas! Is that wishful thinking?

    1. Lulu,
      It is still warm in Texas, but I'm loving it! My family lives in Schenectady, NY and tell me the trees are beautiful this time of year. Yes, but after the beautiful trees comes the huge snow storms! lol
      I think we Texans are pretty lucky right now!
      Thanks for visiting me!
      Blessings My Friend,

  3. Holy cow, your simple menu sounds like a feast to me! I love your combo of white pumpkins, sunflowers and orange, and your table is bright and welcoming~ mimosas will match your color scheme perfectly!

  4. Using vintage glassware is happiness for sure! Mixing it with the newer sunflower placemats just steps the happiness up a little bit more! The menu sounded very delicious! I leave the table decorated. Now that it's just hubby and I we just set it up buffet style on the kitchen island and fix our plate. Need to have a nice sit down dinner every now and then. I better start doing that! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Hi Jann,
      We too are empty nesters! I set the table every night (not fancy), but we do eat in front of the TV sometimes too! We tend to switch it up! I set tablescapes for show only, unless I am having company. I loved your blog and I am glad I found you! Thanks for visiting!
      Blessings My Friend,

  5. You must share your recipe for Praline French Toast Casserole. I am sure my husband would love it!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

    1. Hi Susan,
      I am going to share that recipe! I forgot to take a picture, so I guess I will have to break down and make it again! It is simply delicious! Thanks for visiting!
      Blessings My Friend,