Monday, September 15, 2014

Busy Bees Are We

Mr. Sweetladyelaine and I have been hanging pictures and rearranging! I moved to Texas last November and my walls have been blank all this time! So I thought I'd share a few new pictures.

This is my family room. I couldn't find a before!
I changed out my end tables & lamps and hung pictures.
Not totally complete but looks so much better!
Pictures really make a room don't they?!

Our Dining room before
An ugly suede blue...................

  Our Dining Room After
  We painted and we  hung my grandmother's crazy quilts and a shelf underneath.
  In the fall post I will show you close ups.

     Before in the Living room

    Our After Living Room
    Mr. Sweetladyelaine painted the living room & hung pictures.                         
    I have a matching chair to the one on the left,
    but I put it in the family room so I can be comfortable with my back.
   The rocker and ottoman I bought at a garage sale many years ago for $5.00!
    I had it reupholstered and would love to change it again.

I still need to fix up the bedrooms upstairs.  I mean they are together just no pictures are hung on the walls, bathrooms are not together or cleaned for that matter! I am still playing with furniture. But that goes on daily, here, at The Zoo. Stay tuned for more! I decorated for fall!

I will be joining:

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Blessings My Friend,


  1. Elaine,
    I agree, it takes time in a new home to see where to best place furniture.
    I am enjoying seeing all the wall color changes along with furniture placement, dear one!!!
    I'm looking forward to seeing the close~up photos and your Autumnal decor!!!

  2. I can't believe it has been almost a year since you moved in...seems like just a few weeks ago. You have done a lot in that time. I just don't like to paint so I keep putting it off even though it needs it. I love your buffet, it's gorgeous.
    Have a great week, Elaine.

    1. Thanks Marigene! Yes it will be a year in November. Time does fly! This is the first house we have ever bought that needs so much repair work. In the beginning we were beside ourselves. But we have tackled a little all year long, (and still have the outside to get into shape) but are pleased with the outcome. My husbands work only lets us stay in a home a few years so hopefully we will be here a little longer. Thank goodness my husband has recovered from quadruple by pass surgery so fast or none of the painting would have been done. I am so happy that you keep following me. Most of my blogging friends have disappeared. You have a great week too!
      Blessings My Friend,

  3. What a beautiful transformation. Love the lightness of it all. I am a balanced person, so this all looks fabulous.