Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome to my Unfinished Dining

I decided to just go ahead and set this weeks table in the dining room.....an unfinished dining room I may add!
This dining room has had furniture moved in and then out again. I just can't seem to get it together. My dining room in Texas was so big and I loved the color .
Here are two pictures in case you are new to my blog.

      This is my Illinois Dining Room
         It is beige and  smaller.
         It  needs help!

Why do always notice one leaning candle after I post the pictures????
In the corner, are picture boxes that need to be unpacked and hung.
 Any volunteers???  I didn't think so.....
You are looking directly into my entry. The front door is on the left. The sliding doors are a closet.

I bought these napkins at "Something Special" a thrift shop that helps battered women in Texas.

A side shot......
The yellow straw placemat  was bought at "Consignment & Design", a beautiful shop here in Illinois.
The glass blue charger was bought at "Something Special". The white pleated plates at Goodwill in Buffalo, NY. The yellow salad plate is from Marshall's in Texas and the cobalt blue bowl was a gift from my Mom years ago.

My blue bird of happiness was a gift from my daughter.

I thought this was a cool shot! Yes, that is cardboard still on the entry floor!

The glasses are etched.......the smaller wine glasses have grapes and leaves on them and the other have flowers. I use wine glasses for any thing I'm drinking. I think they are all so beautiful!
I mix and match too!

I hope you liked my hydrangea....they are from my front porch. I guess I can say they were they inspiration for this tablescape.
This tablescape was fun to create. Everything just fell into place!

Today I will be joining:

Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday

Share Your Creations Thursdays at Kristen's Creations is in Dallas this week!

Sherry at No Minimalist Here for Open House Party on Thursdays is on Spring Break.

Have a great Easter week!

Blessings My Friends,

"We are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works"
 (Ephesians 2:10)
When you get anxious about what to wear or your performance in life.....
Jesus tells us that our heavenly Father's opinion about us is all that  truly matters. If He approves of us, that is all we need. He gives us our identity and an our inner beauty. Look to Jesus for approval.
Be obedient to Him.  Don't worry about what others think!


  1. Love it, Elaine. I love blue and yellow. I like wine glasses when I set my table, and use them for other beverages, too. Have a happy and blessed week. xo

  2. I love theblue and yellow too..the table turned out so lovely and the placemats are so cute...

  3. Love the blue and yellow combination! I hear ya about leaning candles - my camera catches everything my eye fails to notice! I swear the silverware moves a-kilter as soon as my back is turned. Your flowers are lovely, and I'm sure you'll soon get your new dining room finished with your special touches.

  4. Elaine, your table looks beautiful! I love the blue and yellow color scheme, and the ruffled placemats add a lovely touch. That hydrangea is spectacular! All the candles really add drama, too. Best wishes as you continue to bloom where you are planted!

  5. That candle was probably straight as an arrow. I look at my photos and think the candles are leaning all the time, but I know they were straight. I think it has something to do with the angle at which we shoot the picture. I know I'm tipsy when I photograph the tables, but those candles are STRAIGHT!!! :-) I know you miss your Texas-sized dining room, but this one is great, too, with so many decorating possibilities. Just give yourself time to "feel" the house. It'll come to you. It's kind of like when you first meet a guy, and you play that "getting to know you" game that is kind of fun, but you're still anxious for that first kiss....just give it time, and the right time will be magical! Your dining room will look and feel as comfortable and cozy and wonderful as the one in Texas did in no time! (The chandelier in both dining rooms is beautiful! Did you move the one from Texas to Illinois, or is that a different one altogether?) They hydrangea napkins are really pretty and all for a good cause. That makes them extra special! Have a wonderful Easter weekend, my sweet Elaine, and take your time "courting" your new dining room! You'll be glad you did! ;-)

    1. Thank you, Alycia for your kind words! Yes, the chandlier was brought from Texas...I bought it in Illinois about 8 years ago and it goes from house to house with us. I can't seem to leave it! You have a wonderful Easter too!
      Blessings My Friend,

  6. I prefer to think of your new dining room as a blank canvas (or clean slate...you get the idea!)just waiting for it's talented new owner to put her personal stamp on it! Love your table! Very pretty shades of blue and yellow, and your hydrangeas are to die for! Have a great Easter!

  7. You are wonderful to to have a tablescape in the middle of moving and then unpacking. My husband was in the hospital for 3 weeks in March and now is home and I am taking him to therapy 3 days a week. I needed to go back to setting my table for some RnR. The blue and yellow is a beautiful combination and I love the idea of finding wonderful treasures at the thrift shop for battered women. The pistol shape handle of your knife is so pretty! Happy Tea Party! Pam

  8. Your table is so lively and refreshing. I love the yellow and blue. It is very inviting and your little blue bird is so cute!

  9. Love the colors and the dish layering. beautifulu, Elaine......Christine

  10. So pretty and your table top contains well traveled items! They tell a story!
    Of course I love your hydrangea, they are my favorite! Love the linens too

  11. We're going to have such fun watching you make your dining room a reflection of you. The tables cape is beautiful. I love hydrangeas! Mine are already budding in the gardens. I've carried my chandeliers with me from house to house for many years. Why, znana's chandelier in the dining room has been moving with the family since the 20's! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay