Thursday, February 5, 2015

Bedrooms on the Brain

I'm not sure why but all of a sudden I have bedrooms on the brain.
 I just keep looking and looking at them, everywhere I can.
I am not going to redecorate just love looking.......
Are you like that?

I love this first one. I am not to crazy about the crib in the corner but it does work! LOL

I like this one too!
I love the green......... but a little dated.  Don't you think?

Here are a few more.......

Do you have one you like better than all the others?

Arabian Nights?????

Lots of pillows to take off in the morning!

Wish I had this big bedroom!




I think they are all pretty in there own right.
I love the crowns on the ceiling and with curtains or fabric coming down!
I am going to do that in my bedroom as soon as I decide what I want it to look like.
I did a Master bedroom for an open house a few years back and used an iron tray for the crown. I think it was pretty.  Remember everything in the picture below was from my shop.

I love mirrors behind the lamps in a bedroom. The light bounces off and gives a nice glow.
I would like to see long mirrors. At the time I did not have a matching pair.
I tried to take the best pictures I could with an Open House going on around me!

My requirements for a bedroom is luxurious bedding!
I love a bed that you can sink into when your tired.
I like to crawl under a comforter into a warm little piece of heaven and dream.
What about you? Any requirements for your little piece of heaven?

I tend to use what I have since I move so much. Every piece of furniture can go anywhere in a new house. When I moved to Texas I decided to buy a new comforter set.
Since our room overlooks our pool I wanted it to look light and airy without being beachy.

My mirror and bedside tables are all painted by us with Annie Sloan and clear waxed.

Well there you have it............we all like to dream.
What are you dreaming about right now besides warmer weather! LOL
Have a wonderful day!
Blessings My Friend,

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  1. Hi, Elaine! I can only imagine how you have to adapt every time you move. You are wise to have purchased furniture that can cozy up to any house you live in. That takes a lot of pressure off, I'm sure!

    I love to look at beautiful bedrooms, and you've picked some really great ones. I LOVE the headboard on the bed in the "daring" bedroom!!! It's gorgeous!!! I would love to have something like that in our master bedroom to make the bed look more grand. We have one of those beds that is basically 2 super long twins that create a king. It's the kind of bed that raises and lowers, heats and cools, and massages. That's great for us as we're growing older as well as for the surgeries I've had...a life saver! Problem is making a bed like that look snazzy. You've shown some neat examples here that get me thinking. Having been tethered to our bed for the last couple of months, I've been doing a lot of thinking about redecorating in our bedroom, and you've just added to it! :-)