Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Table Escaping!

Lots going on at the Zoo! That's what I call our household.....

I am finally taking the  time to try on my new computer glasses. I love them! Do you have computer glasses? Since I needed to have my eyes checked and new lenses, I made my old frames into computer glasses. I  have been on the computer so much I was getting a terrific neck ache. Hopefully now I can spend time on the computer without the neck and back ache.

This weekend went by very fast. Today it is rainy so I decided to set a table. Procrastination is my name! lol!  Table escaping is my game!
The inspiration for this table are the dishes. I bought them in Illinois at a consignment shop with my friend, Judy.  She found the consignment shop and we had to go and visit. The dishes are turquoise blue & grey. I had a hard time finding  a charger in my stash that made them pop. Meanwhile I broke two gold ones. Have you every done that? I wasn't rushing, just picking them up and then I heard a crack! I may just glue them. I only had two so its no big deal, just annoying!

We are in my kitchen. Mr. Sweetladyelaine put up the gold mirror and the black clock. I really like it. So this is tonight's dinner for two.

I have no idea of the pattern or maker. The names were etched off of each plate.
Not sure why, but someone didn't want anyone to know its origin.
So if you have seen this pattern or have an idea of why someone would do this, let me know.

I bought these little gems at Garden Ridge here in Texas!
They came four in a pack, I wish I had bought more.

This wine decanter was a wedding gift my first time around, from my Aunt Emily.
I love it and have kept it all these years. It has six wine glasses.

 The tablecloth is actually a throw that I bought at GW and is two sided with tassels.

My forever centerpiece! I call it that because I use it every day and just change what's in it.
 I am sure you have seen it over and over! I have put it in every room of my house.
I bought it years ago in the Christmas Tree Shop in Albany, NY

Here is one last look at my place setting! I wanted to show you the napkins. Grey and white. I love the pattern and I am sure you will see these again too!

Well, I better get moving I have stuffed peppers to make for dinner. I bought some beautiful red peppers at HEB the other day......

Thanks for stopping by. I will post again soon.

I will be joining:

Tablescape Thursday at BNOTP

Tuesdays Treasures

Blessings to You My Friend,

I pray that you, "Grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ".
 (2 Peter 3:18)

I am not sure where you are in your walk with Jesus. I do know this, it is a process and God knows where you are. Ask Him to help you. He is orchestrating your every move.
 I just want you to know you are not alone.
He is with you always directing you on which way to go. Surrender to Him and all will be well.
May you know the joy of a Spirit filled life!


  1. Elaine, I have had computer glasses for over 20 years...bifocals just don't work!
    What a pretty china pattern...wonder why anyone would etch the backstamp off. I don't think I have ever seen the pattern. I do love your blue decanter and stems...such a beautiful color.
    I am making unstuffed cabbage rolls for dinner tonight...I have always made the traditional ones.

  2. Mr. Sweetladyelaine has had them forever too! I have just started wearing glasses two years ago, so I guess I'm just catching up with the times! LOL. Thanks for stopping by.....love talking with you!
    Blessings My Friend,

  3. lovely table, Elaine. At first I thought you wrote computer classes! And I am wearing my reading glasses! lol. xo

  4. Lady Elaine, (doesn't that sound like Downton Abby?), this table is fit for a lady with all of the pretty blue and gold. That decanter set and the goblets are stunning and they match the dusty blue of the plates so well. How clever of you to use that throw. I bet the tassels hanging down make it even more elegant.

  5. Elaine, what a gorgeous china pattern! Now I want to know its name! At any rate, you have shown it off beautifully on this elegant table. Those napkins are perfect for the pattern.

  6. Elaine, this is so pretty! I love the beautiful design on your plates, and I want to steal those napkins! This really is the perfect romantic setting for two! Great job!



  7. That cracking sound is one of the worst in the world...especially when you're preparing to use what you just stepped on on a table!!! I recently broke two by sitting the stack on the floor beneath the stool I was climbing on. When I stepped back down, I misjudged and my foot went down on the side of the stack. Two were irreparably cracked. Such a sad day! :-(

    I really like that wine decanter set! It reminds me of "I Dream of Jeannie"!!! The color is really pretty!

    That's weird that someone actually invested the time and effort to remove the etching off those plates! Big mystery afoot!

    Have a great weekend!!!