Monday, February 24, 2014

Coffee for Me .......

in a teacup????
I have slowed down the past few weeks. I have been so overwhelmed with all that I have to do.
Did you ever get like that?
 I just stopped unpacking upstairs.
So every few days I go and have fun. 
By fun, you know I mean thrifting and shopping! LOL
Anything but unpacking! I needed to get my head on straight.
 I couldn't make good decisions with my head all over the place.
 So this is one of my relaxing times.
Flowers from Valentines Day from Mr. Sweetladyelaine!

I love this tray!
It was given to me by my friends at St. Anne Institute in Albany, NY.( I am from Schenectady, NY)
After working there 17 years we had to move to Shorewood, IL.
This was our first move. We lived in Buffalo, NY, Houston, TX, Belleville, IL,  and now Spring TX.
Not sure where we will go next, but it has been quite an adventure!

Coffee in a teacup? YUP! Why not, I say? I don't stick to rules.....
I serve whatever I want, in whatever I want!
It's more fun that way!
There isn't a name is on the bottom of this cup.
I think the wheat decoration and color are pretty!

My new votive cup is from Garden Ridge!
I was so happy when my friend told me there was one in Houston!
 I love Garden Ridge. They have wonderful prices!

Of course being who I am, I had to have a sweet with my coffee!
A homemade apple turnover! Pastry puff is another thing I love! So easy! Looks delicious!

The full picture in my dining room. I wish you could smell my roses they are so fragrant!

If any of you get to Houston please get in touch with me! I would love to meet another blogger!
Thank you for stopping by.....

I am joining:
Tablescape Thursday at BNOTP

Blessings My Friend,


  1. Beautiful roses...and vignette. I don't drink tea, so it would have to be black coffee in the cute set. I kind of laughed when I read you don't know where you will move to next...I hope you at least get a chance to unpack and enjoy everything before you have to move again! Me, I wouldn't be able to stand unpacked boxes, they would drive me insane!
    Have a great, productive week, Elaine.

  2. Your tea cup with coffee look absolutely delightful, love the beautiful red that is added to the vignette with the stunning flowers, love that tray...I have been married 35 years and have moved one time, cannot imagine moving and packing and unpacking...don't get me wrong, I could take a little adventure, and it sounds like you have had quite a few....have some fun and shop a post this week has Home Goods tour....just the ticket to get away.,lol

  3. Get OUTTA here!!! You have a Garden Ridge in Houston?!??!!! We used to have one here in the Kansas City area years ago, but they picked up, packed up and scooted out of town. Don't know why. I LOVED that place! I bought a ton of cool stuff there including those plaster busts of Juliet and David and Beethoven....only to foolishly sell them in a garage sale when I was just tired of looking at so much "stuff" in my storage. D-U-M-B!!! Can't find anything even close anywhere here that is affordable like it was at Garden Ridge. Lucky girl!!!

    I know you're growing weary of the unpacking. You totally deserve a little coffee in a well-traveled teacup break!

  4. Oh my goodness what a pretty tea cup set! I'm the same as you I would be drinking coffe in it...not much of a tea drinker. My goodness you've moved a lot! Sounds like fun as long as you don't have to do all the packing. Such a big job though on either end. Looks like you've moved into a beautiful home!

  5. I found you through Naps on the Porch and so glad that I did. You are probably used to packing and unpacking - I did that when I first got married for 8 years and now I am in my own home and have been here for close to 30 years. The last packing I will be doing will be into a small apartment that I can take care of instead of home and gardens.
    Good for you doing what you want to do - when I want coffee it can be in anything that will hold it.
    Your new tea cup is really very pretty.
    Enjoy yourself.

  6. Beautiful it and the roses.