Monday, February 10, 2014

A Before & After

I am sharing my childhood dresser that I painted with Annie Sloan, Old White. I learned about Annie Sloan paint from Peggy, a friend in Illinois who owned an art store. Mr. Sweetladyelaine & I love this paint! We used it most of the time when we painted furniture for my shop. No stripping or sanding required!
                             I forgot to take pictures and started to paint it.
                             I can't seem to remember to take before pictures!
                             I have a lot of  "after" pictures! lol
                            My mom had antiqued it blue when my brother and I  were little.
                            She also put clear contact on the top, so we wouldn't ruin it. 
                            I wonder why she thought we would ruin it??????


                     After peeling all the contact off the top, I did sand it to get all the glue off.
                                          Sorry these are the only "before's" I have!

                         This is what it looks like in my kitchen with my Valentine vignette.
                                             I kept the vintage knobs because I love them.

                             I  used my rose tablecloth with a layer of lace over the top.

      The clock is sitting on the dresser because I am thinking of hanging it over the dresser.
       Mr. Sweetladyelaine wants to hang a gold mirror there. I am not sure yet.
                                                     So there it sits for now!
                 What do you think???? Clock or Gold mirror????? Picture???????

There is a  fun surprise inside............
                                     I painted the inside of every drawer "Provence"!
                                                               I love it!
                                                   I do this for two reasons......
I love the color and it doesn't go with my color scheme!
So I paint the inside of the drawers a favorite color!
No one can see it but me!

                  In my tablescape on Thursday you will see the dresser again.
                                           Until then have a great day!

I am joining Make it Pretty Monday

Blessings My Friend,


  1. You made it absolutely beautiful.
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. I like the pop of color inside. You did a great job, it looks amazing! I painted my dresser in Old White as well and I love it! The white is perfect and romantic.

  3. OK...I have to side with your husband on this one. It's really hard to say because I can't see what all surrounds the area and what's across from it. I would think a mirror would be ideal there, but only if it is round, NOT gold, and a pretty good sized one. It would need to be about 3 times the size of that clock. A mirror always make a space look larger, reflects more natural light, and allows you to primp on the sly! ;-) I only say not gold because of the handles on the dresser. Again...I don't know what else is in that room. Gold might actually be the better choice if that's the predominant metal used throughout the room. Poo...I don't know!

    I l-o-v-e it that you painted the insides that fun color! It's like wearing racy red underwear beneath a business suit!!! :-)

    Congratulations on a great paint job!