Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Goose Grove Part 3

Yes....you are my queen!  You are the only one.....I love you....I love you.....the way the pond water glistens off your skin.....the........er.........the.......pay no attention to those ladies who have come to pay a visit.  I told you I was giving tours of Goose Grove...they are nothing to worry about!   I love you my queen!!!  But I must finish my story about our neighborhood....Darling.  You know I only have bug eyes for YOU!!!

Ah....my good friends.....it's time to meet my many friends!  This is the official Garden Greeter!

He tries to make sure the bugs don't eat too many of the treats inside the blue fence!

This is my nephew.  He swings on the willow tree all day!  You can hear him yelling..."weeee-bit!"
This is my friend the squirrel.  She is very tired because fighting the birds for the seeds....can be exhausting! She is dreaming of Fall when the acorns fall!
This is solar turtle.  He makes sure we don't step on the rocks and ruin the design!
Under the snapdragons lives a copper snail.  He doesn't eat much - the owner doesn't squish him.
Little blue birds live next to the driveway tucked under pink flowers.
On the other side of the snapdragons....lives my neighbor's kid.  He is little and doesn't go very far.

There is this rabbit who swings every year above the tulips!
Yellow finch who waters the hanging baskets watches that crazy rabbit....

And of course...with all of the flowers here...the butterflies like to stay all the time.

Speaking of flowers....I forgot to show you the window boxes!  The window boxes were made by the Mr. Goose & his oldest Gander. 
Every years, it looks different.  They are so beautiful....some neighbors have asked if they were plastic!
The longer the season...they will grow right up the shutters!
Here is this years arrangement. In a month...it will really look nice!!
Under the window boxes there is hedge that blooms pink flowers!
Sometimes the ducks will make a nest under there....but you didn't hear it from me!

We gets lots of butterflies here too.  They don't consider me a close friend....well because...sometimes I'm really, really hungry!!!

This guy was so big- I wanted to ride him around the yard!!

We also have lots of bees & ladybugs!  They are everywhere...teasing me!!

They really like the Russian Sage .......

And the wildflowers under the maple tree.....
This is a Mason Bee House.  They don't sting...so they can stay as long as they want!
We get LOTS of dragonflies.....

And once in awhile.....a  hummingbird flies by!

 And maybe you noticed the blue fence?  That was built by Mr. Goose & his 2 Ganders on Mother's Day! 
They feed their family all season with what they grow in there! 
Peppers of all shapes & sizes!!

Green Beans.......

Butter-crisp Lettuce!

Onions....green ones  & garlic!
Beets....oh the tops are DELICIOUS!!

Tomatoes of all kinds! Beef steak, early girl, roma, cherry, & grape tomatoes!  They also grow cucumbers, eggplants, peanuts & black-eyed peas!!

Now there wasn't enough room for everything...so they had to make 2 strips for other root vegetables & squashes.  At first, they planted purple & white onions & Yukon potatoes & sweet potatoes in there. This year - mostly squash is taking it's place. You've got to rotate your crop you know!

Sweet potatoes...that lasted for months after being pulled from the ground.
Yukon golden potatoes....
Now if you want food to taste good...you've got to add spices & herbs.  So on the side of the house...is a herb garden!! 
There's rosemary, sage, basils, oregano, parsley, cilantro, thyme, marjoram, tarragon, & mints.

Well....it's getting late....and the sun is setting.....

over Goose Grove.....

......and soon the humans will be out to make a small fire that will reflect the bunny rabbits!

It was very nice meeting all of you! 
I hope you enjoyed my home of Goose Grove.
It is a work in progress...and perhaps at the end of the season I'll have even more to show you!
But until then...you can find me with my Queen.  Poor thing was a human before she kissed me!


  1. Charming and lovely photos, again. You have a beautiful yard and garden. Thanks for sharing! Take care - Dawn