Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The inspiration for this table are my orange lilies. I don't have a beautiful flower garden, so this is quite a big deal! I have to admit, I do dream of having a flower garden. But with moving so much, I have not been able to plant one. By the time we settle down, I will be too old to want one! I'm tired now!

                   My bird  dishes are from Old Time Pottery. At 39 cents each, they were a big bargain!
                                    The little oval bowls I got from the Dollar Store in Texas.

A close up of my pretty vintage rectangular basket. My glasses are from Tuesday Morning. I used them last week too! With no money to spend on extras, I use what I have.....over & over.

                                             My centerpiece.................very simple. I am not an orange person.
It is my least favorite color....Do you have a favorite color? I'm a pink and blue person. I laugh at my favorite colors. Not one of my rooms in our house is one of those colors! I wear them, though.......

                                          Vintage salt & pepper shakers and corn holders.
                                        I put corn holders on the table but we never use them.

I should tell you, Mr. Sweetladyelaine is cooking on the grill. I love cooking on the grill, because I'm not cooking!!!! lol  I get a day off! Do you get any days off?

Mr.  Sweetladyelaine still has not found a job. We are trusting in God to find us one.
We know He is faithful!
This is a quick tablescape this week. My camera is still not working properly. I am at the mercy of its whims, for now.

I am joining:

Let's Dish with Kathleen Cuisine

Tablescape Thursday with Susan at BNOTP

Please visit as many tablescapes as you can throughout the week. I love your comments!

Blessings My Friend,


  1. Lovely tablescape! Love coral but not a huge fan of orange.. Either way it is beautiful!

  2. Love those little bird plates and what a great bargain! Pretty flowers on your table this week!

  3. Those are beautiful flowers. Oh really just breathtaking. The table is a wonderful setting for a cozy dinner for two. I love the idea of the corn holders in a jar!!! So much better than poking into my finger from within the dark deep confines of the kitchen drawer!!! I do love the bird plates and oval bowls!!! Will be praying for you and your husband. I do know what it's like to be missing a paycheck. xo marlis

  4. I love your orange flowers. My friend, Mona of Hidden Art of Homemaking, and I have been discussing how we are drawn to orange lately. Your table is wonderful and what great bargains you found. I am sure that everything will work out perfectly for you and your husband. God is good!

  5. Cute bird plates and what a great price. The little bowls are adorable. I have the same glassware in green.
    My orange (ditch) lilies have fat buds so they be open any day now.
    My least favorite color is your favorite, pink, Elaine!
    Have a wonderful week...and hope your hubby finds a job soon.

  6. Love your orange colors in the bouquet! My colors are blues and pinks also but love using all colors in tablescapes. I like your pretty dinner plates with the birds and flowers. Have a good week and your prayers wil be answered and a new door will open!



  7. Pretty table...beautiful flower and the birdie plates are adorable...:):)

  8. Who wouldn't LOVE those bird plates! So cute! Your flower arrangement came out beautiful with just the right touches of white. So cheerful & calming at the same time. My day off from the kitchen is Sunday- that's the grill day & I refuse to let the husband know I can grill or he would stop doing it! I'm stealing your corncob holder idea BTW! Love ya!

  9. Hello Sweet Elaine,
    Whether you have a grand flower garden nor NOT have, you done a great job, anyways. Just look around your surroundings. It's perfect for my eyes. And not having 50 different sets of dinner sets and glasses does not mean you can't enjoy setting a beautiful table.

    I also have 3-4 different sets. It is a matter of how we re-use and blend the colour and so on and so forth. COmbos make the set big difference. We both not earning my blog. As for me it is for a funsake. My sparetime.

    Pls keep faith in HIM soon He will give you the path for a perfect work for you.

    Happy w/end ahead.

    /CC girl from D´Box in Stockholm

  10. I like that you continue to do your tablescapes even in the midst of what are certainly trying times. We walked through financial turmoil for many years, and I want to encourage you that God will lead you, and you will land at a spot where things will become less stressful. Mr. Sweet is blessed to have you walking by his side. One of my favorite teachings: Sometimes God calms the hurricane, and sometimes God calms His child in the midst of a hurricane. I used to tell Sweet Mister that if God required us to ride off into the desert on a camel and live in a tent, that I was going to be riding right along side him. God used our time of trial to strengthen our covenant marriage, and I believe that our time of tumult ended up being one of the best things that ever happened to us. I praise God for the road that we walked, holding on to Him the entire way. We don't have an Old Time Pottery; they seem to have wonderful tabletop elements. Great job! Cherry Kay