Saturday, June 8, 2013

Goose Grove (con't)

Here is Part two of Goose Grove's story........

And bless the flies, ants, dragonflies & especially the lady frogs....AMEN.

Oh....hello there!  You've caught me just before my dinner!  Well....this can's time to tell you about the side of Goose Grove.  The Grove part!  As you know - I had to get permission from the occupants who live in the trees.  You see- some of them EAT frogs- so I never go anywhere unless I'm invited!

Goose Grove has a meadow orchard in it's side yard. You see, when Arla lived in Belgium for a short time, her backyard there had many fruit trees and when she left, she swore she would plant her own fruit trees in the place her family finally settled.  It has been a great success and every summer brings fresh produce which the family eats & gives some away to neighbors. 
There are 4 kinds of plum trees.  Stanley, Shiro, Burbank & Santa Rosa.
Fifteen apple trees.....  Yellow Delicious, Granny Smith apple, Jonathon, Honey-crisp, Pink Lady apple, Gala, Gravenstein, Fuji, Pixie Crunch, Sundance, McIntosh & Sweet 16.
Five pear trees....  Honey Sweet, Crisp & Sweet, Bartlett, Keiffer & Potomac.
Four cherry trees.... Stella & Super Sweet
Two fig trees, a peach tree, two nectarines, two apricots, orange, lemon, lime, & banana tree.  Oh...and a hazelnut tree & two almond trees! 

I don't think I'm forgetting any of them......
Anyway, there was a time when there were holes all over the yard!!  And since the fruit trees were so successful.....Goose Grove also put in many BERRY bushes the next year!  Did you know cherries can grow on bushes? Well, here they are - six bushes full!

There's the raspberry corner which I showed you last visit.... Five bushes!
Some future blackberries...

Some blueberries....Eight plants....Four different varieties

There is also a Goji berry bush, cranberries, red currants and of course...GOOSE berries!

 The birds are very happy here.....sweet treats in the spring & summer and seeds in the winter!

They know where the good stuff is!!

Like the robin can't live by bugs alone!

The Blue Jay stays all year round.....but you won't see him much- he's kinda flighty!

And we have sooo many cardinals....I can't keep track of them.....

The finches come for the herb seeds...and the apricots!

We always have a new family every summer.  This is Mrs. Duck with her 13 ducklings!

And the ganders are learning to swim.....

This lovie-dovie couple comes to the backdoor every day for bread.  They will sit in the sun as the Goose Grove owners dig around them putting more plants into the ground!

And apparently- Goose Grove is THE hangout place....because we always get a crowd during mating season.  And of course....I can't forget the GEESE!!!

That's how our place got it's name!  The Geese!

Those Northern Canadian Geese fly in all in formation!  It's quite the sight!!


They are everywhere!!!  Honking....wing flapping....walking in a straight line!

Did you know if there is one sick goose - another goose will stay with them until they die?

If a goose is too old to fly back north, a stronger goose stays with them until they pass on.

If one goose gets shot down, two geese will follow is descending body to the ground and stay with it until the hunter or dog chases them away. I think if there is such a thing as Karma- I would like to come back as a GOOSE...because they really take care of each other!

We even have geese walking down the street wa diddy diddy dump diddy doo!

Now there are other birds....but I don't talk to them much....because I don't want to be eaten!!! Last summer these two grabbed each of my legs and had a tug of war with ME!  But I escaped!!

At dusk...I have to watch for the this teenage brown spotted one!

In the neighboring tree lives this crane and I have to dodge him DAILY!!

We all have to hide from this guy....the brown tailed HAWK!!!

He will sit in the trees and try to eat anything that catches his eye!!  But there is an even bigger bird than him!  Bald Eagles!!!   They don't have a white head yet- because they aren't over 4 years old. They have migrated from Alton, IL and like to circle Goose Grove!!  I think they are a married couple!

Oh....I'm all worn out talking about those birds!  It gives me the willies knowing how darn close I come each day to being a meal!!!  So...if you don't mind....I'm going to go back to my lunch and maybe we can meet again in a day or two? After all.....I have many friends here at Goose Grove I would like to introduce you too.   Hope to see you soon!!!

                      Part 3 is coming soon!

Blessings My Friend,


  1. LOL- and part 3 is even better! Thanks again!

  2. Very sweet and beautiful photos, again. Very blessed to have all those fruit trees! Can't wait for part three. Take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  3. Love reading your post. That's quite the farm there with all of those fruit trees and such. amazing read about the geese. I learned something today. Thank you for visiting and keeping me in your prayers. xo Linda