Monday, June 3, 2013

Introducing Goose Grove!

I hope you enjoy the story Arla has written for you! Arla lives in my development & has been a follower of Sweetladyelaine's for a long time. She discovered my shop & we have been friends ever since. I love Goose Grove & I want her to share it with you.....

Good Morning Human Bloggers! 

As you can's a beautiful morning here at Goose Grove.

I am the local historian, Frogadeir,

and this is the story of Goose Grove. 

It started 42 years ago, in the mind of a little girl who lived in Arizona.  When she became a pest to her older sisters & mother, she was sent outside with a fishing pole made from string & a stick.  

As the desert didn’t have water- she fished in the family peach tree with her plastic swan and spent hours dreaming of a place in which there was grass, water…..and real birds who could swim.  
When that girl grew up….she moved from Arizona and settled in southern Illinois.

and began to make her garden.

It all started with a blue fence. As you can see, Mrs. Rabbit is trying to get in there as her den of babies is under the tomato plants!  She knows how to pick a home….there’s strawberries & blackberries in there!

Oh...but I am getting ahead of myself!

Lets start with the front yard!


What garden isn’t complete without flowers?




Or roses….



Even the trees are colorful in the beginning of Spring!

Moving on to My favorite side .....

water was very important to a former desert girl.  
Raindrops in the pond next to our home.  

A pot for fish near the back patio....don't tell anybody....but it's my personal hot tub in the chilly evenings!

So why is our home called Goose Grove?  Well...for one....we have lots of geese who fly in. And on the other side of the house....there is a grove of fruit trees!  We call it a meadow orchard....but Goose Meadow Orchard didn't sound as good as Goose Grove!

Now before I tell you about the trees on the other side...I must get permission from the occupants of the mini houses in their branches!  This is Robin's Inn in the Granny Smith Apple tree.

 In the honey-crisp tree....this is Vireo Gables.

Almond Apartment in the Almond tree.
Tucked under the flowers..... is Lantana Lodge.

in the mums.. is Sun Shine Chapel.
This is Canary Rock Bungalow.
hiding in the vegetable garden is Tomato Townhouse.
in the plum Dipper Cottage.
Rosemary Gables
in the pink Crossbill Cabin.
And finally Crabapple Cabin!
Oh...and don't let me forget to tell you about the berry area where the mice train for the circus on the raspberry fence!
 Here's a peek!
The mice love to work on their agility…..

or steal a kiss with their sweetheart on that fence! 

 Yes....Goose Grove can be a romantic place in the Spring!  But that is another story!

To Be Continued next week.............
I hope you enjoyed Arla telling you a little about Goose Grove! Her home is so pretty with all the flowers & gardens she & hubby tend too! Have a great day! Part 2 & Part 3 will be coming.......
Sorry about the font changing, it has a mind of its own today! lol

Blessings My Friend,


  1. What a fun tour! I also fell in love with Goose Grove. Such gorgeous flowers, and such creative ideas. I love that little blue fence, and I love the mice on the fence. All of the little bird houses are so cute. It looks like a wonderful place to live. Thank you for sharing all of this beauty, Arla and Elaine. laurie

  2. Thank you Elaine for allowing me to post a story on your blog! It reminded me of how fun it used to be! 2004-2012!

  3. Nice page, thanks for stopping by mine! Your newest follower! V

  4. Loved it! Gorgeous photos of a gorgeous garden. I really like the drawings (I think they're drawings?) of the mice on the fence, great idea. I'm subscribing via email so I don't miss the follow up or any of SLE's tablescapes. Y'all take care - Dawn @ We Call It Junkin

  5. The mice are drawn with colored pencils and then sprayed with acrylic so the rain won't wash them away. I also have mice drawn inside on my baseboards. The birdhouses are purchased at Michaels/JoAnns and then painted the color of the flowers nearby. The Goose Grove sign was painted by my husband.