Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sweetladyelaine meets Goose Grove

Today was a fun day!   I asked Arla to come & have lunch with me!

Who is Arla?????
I met her in my shop! She and I were talking one day and I told her that I blog. To make a long story short, she has been a follower of my blog for a long time! She was so excited to meet me and then to find out I lived in her development ....sent her over the moon!

Since I have closed my shop I have wanted her to do a post for me. So in a few days you will see a post about Goose Grove written by Arla!

Arla, loves to cook and made Broccoli & Cheese soup for our lunch. It was so yummy and was a perfect compliment to our salad with baked chicken on top!
I served the soup in my yellow " Sweet Olive Design " bowls. They look like crowns.
The flat plate & salad plate are vintage " Edwin M. Knowles" china. The polka dot placemats are from the Dollar Store a few years ago.

                                                  My hat boxes were our centerpiece.

                        The tablecloth is hand embroidered. I bought it at a flea market some time ago.

                        I wanted to do something a little fancy so I layered bandanas for napkins. I don't think I would buy them again. They shrink in all the wrong places after washing them.

 I heard so much about Savers from other bloggers. When I heard they were coming to our area, I was so excited! The day they opened..........I was there!  Last week, I  picked up this deviled eggs dish. I can't believe I never bought a dish for deviled eggs!

                                              A colorful salad was served in a Hall's casserole dish.
                                                                The pattern is Rose White.
                                               The casserole was given to me by my Aunt Emily.

                                My salt & pepper shakers were bought in an antique store in  Alton, IL
I love pink & roses, so anything I see I have to buy! lol Are you like that with certain colors?
I am using  this shell dish for dressing, in remembrance of my mother in love.

I had so much fun talking to Arla and watching her post a draft to my site. I had trouble copying  & pasting her email . So, she volunteered to come over and do it all on her computer.

                                                             A big THANK YOU to Arla!

                                       Oh, I almost forgot STRAWBERRIES for dessert!
A Mary Engelbreit dish I found at a yard sale for $1.00!!!

I hope you enjoyed a peek at our lunch....we certainly had a good time. I am so excited for you to see Goose Grove.

Thank you for stopping by...Please leave a comment. I'd love to hear from you! I am sure Arla would too!
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  1. Cute cheery table, Elaine...aren't friends wonderful to linger over a lunch! Speaking of lunch, your menu sounds delicious.
    Have a great week...

  2. Isn't it most fabulous to find connections. I think they are a gift. Your lunch looks wonderful. So glad you've gotten a savers. Monday and Tuesdays are really good days to go, that is when the new stuff arrives from the weekend's garage sale didn't sells. xo marlis

  3. Such a beautiful table, Elaine. I love the Mary Engelbreit basket and your centerpiece made with hat boxes is so great! Lunch sounds wonderful. Is this a new development, or are you still in Illinois? xo

  4. I immediately wondered, "Who the heck is Arla??!?!?!" I had not heard her name before, so it threw me for a loop! I am delighted that you have made a friend in Arla, and I look forward to seeing her post about Goose Grove. What a fun name!

    Speaking of fun...nice luncheon, Elaine!!! You pulled out all the luncheon stops!!! The bowls are, of course, the "crowning touch" to the whole table! :-) And you got those great placemats at the $ Store??!?!? Wow!!! I need to check the textiles aisle more often! Great buy!

    I have used bandannas as napkins on several occasions, and you're so right...they like to shrink up into the craziest shapes when they're tossed in the dryer! I learned my lesson and started air drying them instead. There's still some shrinkage, but nothing nearly as weird as when they go into the dryer. They look like alien babies when they come out of there!!!

    So glad you got a Savers in your area!!! I have only been in there once. No point in my going since Marigene from "In the Middle of Nowhere" always beats me to the good stuff. She lives further away from the store than I do, but she somehow manages to get in there and swoop up all the great stuff!!! Your egg dish looks great, and I hope you are able to find lots more bargains as great as that one and the neat Mary Engelbreit basket. (Whoever was running that yard sale just didn't have a clue, apparently!!!)

    Have fun this weekend, and I'll talk to you soon!

  5. Thank You Elaine for the wonderful lunch & company! You took such care with your table and the FOOD was WONDERFUL! We had a great time...didn't we! Arla

  6. THANK YOU ELAINE for opening your home! The food was WONDERFUL! That chicken was so moist!! Those strawberries were so SWEET! And your table was just lovely! It was such a fun afternoon! I hope we can do it again!!

  7. What fabulous finds here! My favorite is the white shell sauce bowl. Very nice!

  8. Oh sweet lady, you did make some great finds, I almost love them all! The bowls are the little queens in your luncheon, you pooled it off very gratefully and lovely. The ME basket is very pretty, so as I it all!
    Big hugs,

  9. Your table looks so pretty and perfect for a girly lunch. The stacked hat boxes make a lovely centerpiece, and I love that ME bowl. What a deal! laurie

  10. So many beautiful pieces blended in such a lovely way - I think I remember those placemats and wondering what to use with them. I like your choices.

  11. Hey, I have those same placemats!!! LOVED them for Ms. C's birthday & haven't used them since. I must get them out...thanks for the reminder.
    Your table & lunch foods look delicious.