Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am sooo Tired......

I decided to take five! Would you like to join me? I have been  working on the guest rooms upstairs. I do see progress but it is long in the making. I am on snail.......

This is the green room ........

Have you ever felt like, do I have too????? Oh, I have felt this way since we moved in. I am not motivated to do the upstairs. Forget about painting... I don't even want to unpack the stuff!
Too much!!!!!

This is the tan room.....

You can see my teacups on the shelf...still not unpacked.

Not only do we own too much, what should I do with it all???? Do I save, throw or hide????? Those are the questions!

This is the bathroom.....

You see.... we move often, about every 3-5 years. It is impossible to buy new things every time, so I have to make do with what I have. What if I need it in the next house.
What to do, what to do.....

The third bedroom.....

So, now that I gave you a peek at the mess upstairs.......

Let's go downstairs and have some tea!

I'm not sure what to call this room...formal living room?  Put together room? Blue room????

Anyway...let's sit down and rest. I am exhausted!!
I made us a sweet dessert....a strawberry & cream trifle.

I love the tea set. I bought it in Marshall's. I also bought two dinner plates. I hope to add on to this set.

The wine glasses are a Goodwill find in Buffalo. I think they are beautiful! I believe in using everything you own. No rules! Life is too short to save pretty.

I love the Gold and White together and how it glistens!

I hope you feel spoiled and appreciated! I think setting a special table for a friend let's her know that you love her. And we all need to be loved. So if you have a special friend, go the extra mile and set her a beautiful table! She will love it!

I thought you might like a close up of my couch. Are you ready to hear about it?

It's a little dusty.....the fabric is a light peach with blue dots? It looks nice in this room?
No, No! Where did I buy it, you ask???????  

                             I bought it at Goodwill! 

Should I tell you the price??????
No..I think I'll keep you guessing. It is really in good shape.

 I see you looking at my Christmas tree. It stays out all year long. I love the way it sparkles in the sun. It makes me happy! The table is oak and very old. It was a wedding present years ago from my cousin Georgia.

This table is my snowflake table because I think it looks like a snowflake. Don't you love it! It is another Goodwill find. The roses are from my husband for Valentine's Day.

In the other corner I noticed you admiring my bicycle. It has leather wheels and seat. I'm not sure how old it is but it is another favorite peice we own. I bought it years ago at a flea market in NY.

This is the view from my entry way......You can see my table is set for dinner. I haven't taken my Valentine decorations down yet. Love is still in the air at our house!

I have had such a good time!
I feel like we have talked for hours! I loved having you here. You'll have to stop by and keep track of my progress. I'm never too busy to stop and have tea with a friend. It was so much fun, talking girl talk.
 Please come back and visit. Did I tell you, I loved having you!

Thank you to Susan at BNOTP for hosting Tablescape Thursday.

Blessings My Friend,


  1. This was such fun to visit you today!

    Sorry you are sooo tired, but this encouraged a time to chat with you.

    You have a lovely place to call Home.

    I would have fainted to come across such a lovely sofa at Goodwill!!!

    You are one lucky Lady!!! You did well.

    God bless,
    d from HomeHaven

  2. Oh my goodness, you have your work cut for the next few months, Elaine...I do not envy you one iota.
    Your tea set is me a bite of the trifle.
    I ♥♥♥ the deep blue walls in your formal living room, gorgeous!

  3. I'm glad to hear there's someone out there that just feels too tired to bother sometimes!! I have a big old farmhouse and there's plenty to do but like you say, most times I just don't feel like it!! Then I feel guilty of course. I'm not good at decluttering either!!

  4. Elaine, moving is SUCH a stressful experience! I don't blame you for feeling tired and perplexed about where to put everything. I'm glad you took time to enjoy some tea with your pretty tea set! I really love that pattern. Best wishes as you work on feeling settled in your new home!

  5. I loved your home. We used to move every 2 years in the military so I understand but each year we had less and less to move due to purging. Glad we stopped for your special tea. Lovely. That blue room is stunning. Remember one day at a time and it will be done.

  6. LOve it !!! i know it is so much work to put rooms together :)
    I am sure you will do great.
    Love your tea party !
    Thank you so much for your sweet visit and i am your newest follower too.
    Take a break. I am tired too. Have a good day dear.

  7. I know the feeling, but a cup of tea,...I'll join you!
    I love that little tricycle you have. Can't wait to see how your home comes together!

  8. I swear, you are such a cutie, Lady Elaine. :))...
    I LOVED this post...and I LOVE your Goodwill's beautiful.

    I am pretty sure that one of our 'stars in our crowns' in Heaven will be a LIVE IN MAID....and aren't we gonna love it!!

  9. What a nice visit and tea time, the trifle looks delicious!

    A true friend isn't ashamed to show her "mess" to her friends! I feel more comfortable with friends like that rather than being intimidated by someone who is so perfect! LOL!

    I love the tricycle, and the tiered table the roses are on!


  10. What a lovely tour! That's life when moving. Sometimes, makes me crazy putting & putting out.

    I love your mix room. Cozy...

    Happy TS & hope you have a chillaxing w/end.

  11. Hey there, Sweet Lady! You have the RIGHT to be tired, and you most certainly have the right to take a nice break. You did it in style, for sure! Pretty set! I can't imagine moving ever again. I have SO much stuff, and I would not know where to start. I understand how it's hard to part with items because you DON'T know whether or not they'll be perfect for the next place. Geez...what a dilemma! I love the dark blue room. It looks very dignified, almost Presidential! Good luck on finding the inspiration to start on the upstairs. I know it is a challenge. Looking forward to hearing of your progress. Have a good weekend, friend!

  12. Thanks for letting me tour your house! Don't worry, little by little you will get things in order. I loved looking at all your pretty finds and I adore your tea set. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  13. Elaine, my sis was like you. Moved very often due to her husb job. She was very minimalist. Kept just what she needed so she didn't have to pack so much.
    I didn't get those genes, LOL!