Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Glimpse of Our Backyard

 It's a beautiful day in Western New York and I thought I'd share a piece of our backyard.
You have seen it in the background of my tablescapes so I thought I'd give you an up close and personal view.
It's our favorite place to is ever changing...

We sit on our patio and watch the fish.......

We have lilies....

We have Mr. Frog.......

Can you see Mr. Frog hiding?????

Its just a nice to sit and bask in God's presence! The silence is wonderful! Morning coffee tastes so much better!
My husband built this pond a few days after we moved in five years ago. He dug the hole and lined it with black plastic. The rest is history! It has evolved over the years...This is when it was first built in 2005.

We love to hear the water has such a claming effect!

You can see how it has has grown!!!!!!! My husband has changed a few things.

Sometimes we have visitors for a few weeks........

if you look closely you can see a bunch of grass.

In the grass you can see....
 baby bunnies!!

Yup!!!! babies...what do our dogs think....nothing!!!!

Babies are born on our pond alot!

That is part of the reason it looks overgrown....we didn't want to disrupt Mrs. Rabbit!

It's a beautiful place to see and hear the sounds God created!
Some Thursday morning you'll have to stop by and have coffee with me at Tablescape Thursday!
We can listen to the sounds together!

Thanks for stopping by...
I appreciate all your lovely comments.

Blessings my friends!!!!!

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