Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dinner at an American Cafe...

So much has been going on at our house! My dear husband after 8 months, got a job in West Virginia. We are thrilled! We have never been there but heard it is beautiful. If any of you live in the Charleston area please write me a note. I would love to know where to look for houses! I am so looking forward to decorating a new house!
We took the job on Saturday and by Sunday our house was on the market! We have an open house this coming Sunday and are moving along with our things to do list. I am overwhelmed but happy! PRAISE GOD who is always sooo good!

With all that said.....

WELCOME it's Tablescape Thursday!!!!!!!!
Hosted by Susan from BNOTP. Thank you so much for Hosting!

A little background....
my neighbor, Shelly, knowing I do tablescapes and have only a few sets of dishes gave, Yes, GAVE  me these pretty American Cafe dishes!  Her house is very  modern and me....Early Attic Late Cellar, so this was quite a challenge.This is very simple.  I still am not 100% pleased...but until I can hunt for new will have to do!

We are in my family room on my round oak table, looking outside towards our pond.

The red and gold vase is from Kirkland's. I should have taken a closer picture of the is very pretty! The gold charger is from Wegman's a grocery store here in Western New York.

                                    The dishes say "SANGO Cafe Americana 98" on the back.

                                     I used my everyday utensils...Paul Revere.
                                    The glasses I bought at Tuesday morning. They have a gold rim and a cut
                                  glass design. I love the red picks up the red in the dishes.

This is a wine bottle that my cousin, Lela made for me. My daughter made them for her friends for Christmas. She used battery operated lights! I will share how to make this in another post.

I changed the centerpiece....I like this one better! I bought the hurricane candle at The Christmas Tree Shop, years ago. The red charger is from Hobby Lobby. The wine colored string of dazzle is from Vidler's Five & Dime in East Aurora, NY.

I wanted you to see how it would look at night so I closed the blinds. We will eat our dinner here tonight!
I decided since I do all these pretty tablescapes...we better use them!

I hope you enjoyed my tablescape today! I love to hear from you so please leave me a comment...Be well my friends! Remember to visit Susan at Between Naps On The Porch and see all the beautiful tablescapes!
I will keep you posted on our move! Thanks for stopping by...Come Again...You are always welcome!

Blessings my dear friends,


  1. Pretty table!! How wonderful your friend gave you the dinnerware! I love that too! Love the Paul Revere also. Congratulations on the job and moving! I hope everything goes smoothly for you all!

  2. This is a striking table! Whatunique dishes! They are full of drama! This lovely rich tablecloth is just the perfect bacground for them.

  3. Your new dishes are delightful, and you've done a great job creating your tablescape. I like the light coming through the blue bottle over by the window...nice touch. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  4. I love those dishes, they are so cute. Congratulations on the job and move.

  5. Congratulations on the new job! Hope everything goes well for you! What unique dishes! What fun to have something brand new to work with. I think the fact that they were picked out by someone else lends to the creativity of the table.

  6. Congratulations on the new job. Have fun house hunting. Love the depth of that tablecloth.

    - The Tablescaper

  7. Beautiful plates.. It has such a lovely print on it!!! must have been fun to eat from it!!

  8. Love your dishes - so fun -- Congratulations to your hubby on his new job. Now the "job" of moving!

  9. What a fun gift from your friend. Love those dishes! They make a delightful setting. Good luck with your move. Glad it is something you are looking forward to. laurie

  10. Congratulations on the new job! Moving is stressful but also exciting. I can't believe you are doing tables when you have to think about moving! And doing the table so nicely too! Linda

  11. ooh lucky you to receive such a charming set of dishes. Congrats to all the blessings that have come your way. Your table is quite successful. and I love the wine bottle lights!! Oh i can so use those! thanks for the idea.