Wednesday, July 31, 2013

An Aqua Moment

I have been meaning to get this done early but life has a way of interrupting things.  I have had a challenging week.

 God has been calling me the past few weeks and I have been putting Him on hold. Do you do that? I ignored the fact I wasn't praying on a regular basis. I prayed as I went. I hadn't spent time with my Bible and I was feeling it. Satan seemed to put ugly thoughts in my head. I was listening and then it happened! I fell apart! Yup!!!Has that ever happened to you..................misery loves company!  One long day of feeling sorry for myself..... but not alone! I took my Praying Woman book and started praying......(When you have those days I hope you sit down and spend time with Jesus) that's when I realized, my pot was empty! I needed to be filled with His Word if I was going to get through this season. We all have just depends on how we handle them.
 I choose to pray! When I am prayed up, NOTHING can touch me! NOTHING! Do you sit down and pray everyday? It just makes me feel better. I feel like I can conquer anything!

Our house has been up for sale since Friday, July 26th! I have had only one showing, but I am not discouraged. I know God will sell this house. Mr. Sweetladyelaine will be coming home for the first time in three weeks. It has been a long three weeks here at the zoo! I have a routine so it has been ok.

I have to admit blogging helps with taking up a little of my time. I have enjoy Tablescape Thursday and Let's Dish. I think that's why I started blogging. We moved so much and it is hard to make friends. Now I have lots of friends in all my blogger friends! A BIG THANK YOU to all of you that read my blog!

I got so carried away I forgot to let you see my Tablescape! I have been wanting to do an aqua table for a long time, but have nothing in those tones. To my good fortune, I went to Goodwill on a whim and found my aqua moment!

I used a silver charger with the aqua plates (Goodwill for $1.00 ea.) and a swirl bowl that was my mother-in-love's. I buy silver trays and use them for chargers. I buy them whenever the price is right.

                                      A rim shot of my aqua find.

                       The runner is a Goodwill find at the same time I bought the dishes!! ($4.99)
                                       The napkin is a micro fiber dish towel from the Dollar Store.

A close up of the layered table linens...

                             This is a decanter set that I got as a wedding present years ago.

The blue wine glass is part of the set above and the gold beverage glass I bought at the trunk sale at our church for .25 cents each. I bought all four!

                                   This came a little dark...too much light from the windows.
                                    The candlestick came from Goodwill in Buffalo, NY.

                I bought this at a consignment shop in St. Louis. Her home is in our bathroom.


Thank you for stopping by.....I hope you have fun looking at all the tablescapes! We enjoy your comments so keep them coming! I will be visiting as many blogs as I can this week with Mr. Sweetladyelaine home.

Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday
I won't be linking up with Kathleen Cuisine for Let's Dish...I  didn't know we had to set an all white table! Oh well...I'll try next week!

Blessings My Friends,

"The Lord is faithful, who will establish you and guard you from the evil one". (2 Thessalonians 3:3)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Everythings coming up roses.....

Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day.........sing!!!!
 Thankfully, I got up this morning and what a morning it was.....
everything was not coming up roses.....
everything went wrong!

But I solved all the problems the best that I could and then went to buy shoes! lol  Did you ever do that? I spent at least two hours in DSW! I just couldn't decide which ones to buy...........I went for sneakers. I always buy white EasySpirit. I tried on at least 10 pairs with different brand names. I came to a black & pink pair by Saucony.

I liked the color and held on to them with the EasySpirit sneakers  & a pair of sandals as I roamed the aisles. What to do, what to do................Decision time! Long story short I bought the black ones. I think they will do better with jeans, black pants and anything else I decide to wear.
 Decision, decisions, on to the reason for todays post!

The inspiration for this week's tablescape, a purchase from last weekend. My friend & I went to the flea market in Belleville, IL.
It was very is held the third weekend every month. It was very hot but we had fun!
 I guess that's what counts!

I love roses and I just had to have this tablecloth!
You know the feeling......

I had no idea how I was going to use it. I just know I loved it! 

A white pleated plate, green vintage swirl glass salad plate
 and a little red bowl seemed perfect.
                 I put two cake plates on top of one another
                and would use them for cookies, cupcakes or sandwiches.
For some reason I couldn't crop this picture. It looks a little awkward since I have a round table.

  Dollar store glasses with vintage white & red cocktail napkins that my mom gave me.

A table wouldn't be complete without salt & pepper shakers with a rose. I bought these in Alton, Il at an antique store.
Of course, I needed a little bling so I used my crystal butter dish that my mom gave me.

                                    A pretty rim shot.....

                                 Candles!.......what would I do without my candlesticks........I have so many sets and my eye is always looking for more. I pick them up here & there.

Thank you for visiting me......I hope you enjoyed my tablescape.

Today I am joining Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday
& Cuisine Kathleen for Let's Dish

 I hope you spend sometime looking at all the beautiful tablescapes and come away with some wonderful ideas for you to use when you set your next table.

I'll leave you with one last picture of my centerpiece. A beautiful pitcher, that was a gift from a friend. I filled it with roses and a white feather. I hope you have a blessed day!

Remember to leave a comment.....I will pray for each of you!

Blessings My Friend,

Thursday, July 18, 2013


I just seem to be behind in everything....
Can you believe it is almost the end of July????
I am trying to get the house ready to sell and I let blogging slide. The truth is my days are very long and I tend to be a procrastinator! So here I am at 2:00pm on Thursday trying to set a table!
 Have you ever done that?
Everyone knows you need to stage your house! That means picking up & declutter!
Somedays, I just don't feel like it!
They  suggest you set a table......
so I guess that will force me to blog! lol (like I have to be forced!)
I just need to make the time!
I wanted buyers to see a happy table.........

I love the  bright colors! It says summer to me! The napkins are bandanna's from Hobby Lobby.
 I don't like using them they never come out of the dryer the way I put them in.
They get all lopsided. Has this happened to you? Do you recut them or just use them as is?
 The printed plates are from Marshall's.
The white plates are from Goodwill. I tend to use them a lot!
I'd like to buy a few more white plates in different shapes.
I have a ton of seashells I collected in Maine, New Hampshire & Cape Cod.
I miss our vacations to the ocean. Lots of wonderful memories!
Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

                             Little shells can be used for tealights, condiments, butter or dessert.

I love flowers, especially roses but sunflowers do make me smile!

                                   Thank you for stopping in to visit me. I love company!
                              Please leave a comment so I know you have been thinking of me!

                          I am hooking up with Tablescape Thursday            
                                         Let's Dish!
  I will be the one visiting everyone a few days late!!!

Blessings My Friend,

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mom & Daughter Visit Illinois!

WOW!! Time sure does fly....
I can't tell you what I have been doing
Nothing in particular!

I did have my daughter & mom visit from July 5th to the 9th! It was so much fun!  I wish I took more pictures of our time together. I never seem to remember. I guess its the stopping part. You know the stop what your doing & go get the camera!

One of our adventures was the St. Louis Zoo. It was a very hot & humid day!

                                                 My mom & daughter, Jen


                        The grounds were beautiful!

                                               Flowers everywhere!

We brought our lunch & ate inside here. It was so hot.
 Mom needed a break!
                                                      This was the best part of our day!
                                                                    Ice cream!
                                                           Famous in St. Louis........

                                            Mr. Sweetladyelaine had a Strawberry Concrete!

We had fun but were dead tired after all the walking. My mom is 87 years young and did well with all the walking.  It is such a huge place we did not get to everything! At the entrance the guide told us it would take us 8 hours or more to see the whole thing! Not bad for free admission and $15.00 to park.

This is a wonderful place to visit...if you ever get the chance make sure you go. You will not regret it!

Thanks for stopping by.....

Blessings My Friend,