Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mom & Daughter Visit Illinois!

WOW!! Time sure does fly....
I can't tell you what I have been doing
Nothing in particular!

I did have my daughter & mom visit from July 5th to the 9th! It was so much fun!  I wish I took more pictures of our time together. I never seem to remember. I guess its the stopping part. You know the stop what your doing & go get the camera!

One of our adventures was the St. Louis Zoo. It was a very hot & humid day!

                                                 My mom & daughter, Jen


                        The grounds were beautiful!

                                               Flowers everywhere!

We brought our lunch & ate inside here. It was so hot.
 Mom needed a break!
                                                      This was the best part of our day!
                                                                    Ice cream!
                                                           Famous in St. Louis........

                                            Mr. Sweetladyelaine had a Strawberry Concrete!

We had fun but were dead tired after all the walking. My mom is 87 years young and did well with all the walking.  It is such a huge place we did not get to everything! At the entrance the guide told us it would take us 8 hours or more to see the whole thing! Not bad for free admission and $15.00 to park.

This is a wonderful place to visit...if you ever get the chance make sure you go. You will not regret it!

Thanks for stopping by.....

Blessings My Friend,


  1. Awww looks like even with the heat you had a really good time. I'm so glad!

  2. Wow! You should have called me up and said, "Meet me in St. Louis!", and I would have! In fact, I was supposed to have gone to St. Louis with my Mom and sister last week but begged off because my body was in such pain. Poo! I could have actually met you!!!

    I'm glad you guys had a good time! Hats off to your Mom for gettin' out there and strolling the zoo!!!