Thursday, July 18, 2013


I just seem to be behind in everything....
Can you believe it is almost the end of July????
I am trying to get the house ready to sell and I let blogging slide. The truth is my days are very long and I tend to be a procrastinator! So here I am at 2:00pm on Thursday trying to set a table!
 Have you ever done that?
Everyone knows you need to stage your house! That means picking up & declutter!
Somedays, I just don't feel like it!
They  suggest you set a table......
so I guess that will force me to blog! lol (like I have to be forced!)
I just need to make the time!
I wanted buyers to see a happy table.........

I love the  bright colors! It says summer to me! The napkins are bandanna's from Hobby Lobby.
 I don't like using them they never come out of the dryer the way I put them in.
They get all lopsided. Has this happened to you? Do you recut them or just use them as is?
 The printed plates are from Marshall's.
The white plates are from Goodwill. I tend to use them a lot!
I'd like to buy a few more white plates in different shapes.
I have a ton of seashells I collected in Maine, New Hampshire & Cape Cod.
I miss our vacations to the ocean. Lots of wonderful memories!
Do you have a favorite vacation spot?

                             Little shells can be used for tealights, condiments, butter or dessert.

I love flowers, especially roses but sunflowers do make me smile!

                                   Thank you for stopping in to visit me. I love company!
                              Please leave a comment so I know you have been thinking of me!

                          I am hooking up with Tablescape Thursday            
                                         Let's Dish!
  I will be the one visiting everyone a few days late!!!

Blessings My Friend,


  1. I think it looks great! I know what you mean about staging, if we list our house I will have to rent a mini-storage unit to put my stuff to make my house look decent. My closet alone is enough to not want to move :) Good luck to you!

  2. I forgot about having to stage your home for moving!!! Wow...that IS a really good opportunity to put your tablescaping skills on display!!! I think you have picked a really good setting with all the happy, bright color. It's not too over the top so as to distract, but it definitely catches the eye.

    I use those bandannas from time to time, and you are so right about the way they come out of the dryer!!! I have learned NOT to put them in the dryer. I dry them the old-fashioned way. I just lay them out flat or hang them over the side of the bathtub. They can still get a little weird, but not nearly as weird as when they tumble through the heat of that dryer!!!

    Keeping my fingers crossed that you get your house sold soon so that you can take a breather! Have a good weekend!!!

  3. What a lovely table you have arranged! Very pretty blog!

  4. Your tablescape looks perferct for summer! I really like the way you used the shells. I think I have some's got me thinking...I'll try and use them soon...if I can find them!

    So glad you got to the St. Louis Zoo. I haven't been there since our kids were young. We may have to make a trip when the weather cools a bit.

    Good luck with getting your house ready to sell. If the rest of your home looks as good as your table, it will sell in no time!

  5. Beautiful summer table! Love those sunny placemats. I have the ruffled ones in black. They are some of my favorites. Wish I could find them in other colors. '-)

  6. This is a happy tablescape, very pretty with the bright colors!

    I didn't know you were moving again.


  7. I just love the ruffled placemats. That make such a difference on a table. Wish I had the yellow ones. They are perfect with your dishes. I agree. It is so hard to believe it is almost the end of July. Good luck with the house showings. laurie