Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Today my friend, Judy & I went to Swansea Farmer's Market. It is in its fifth season in front of Rural King on N. Illinois Street in Illinois. I was very excited to go because I had wanted to go last year but I had to work. It seems my shop kept me from doing alot! I wanted to check out the produce and prices.

When we first got there everyone was looking up at the sky...Of course, we had no idea why. We found out later they had let go some pigeons .....I'm still not sure why.

They were selling soaps. I had met this lady when she & her husband had visited my Consignment Shop.

               They had a tent with Jewelry, clothes and baby items.

                                      And a tiny food court.

   We thought it would be bigger but the produce is still growing.
So we wandered over to Rural Kings Outdoor Flower Garden.

     The flowers were so beautiful I had to take pictures.
     I guess since I can't plant any this year;pictures will have to do!

     This is my partner in crime, Judy!

    The flowers were so pretty!
    God's Bounty......

     After we visited the Farmers Market we decided to go to.......

         She has so many wonderful things to look at.....

       Lots of ideas for your garden and porch.
       I love the way the baskets are hanging all over!
       Imagine these hanging inside your front porch........

        or these in your garden.....

      Judy and I kept wandering around & around. 
      I love the cobalt blue pottery!

       I did this one year in Buffalo, New York.

Doesn't this look so inviting.....Love the doors and little sign above.

       How about a rose tree hiding in your garden?

   Hanging baskets were everywhere!
   This place just got my juices flowing! I loved all the ideas I        came home with.....not to mention the blooms were beautiful!
Spring fever has got me going.......

I am hoping that I inspired you to do alot of planting for me!
You see, I have to live through my blogging friends since I am moving soon and can't plant. Sooooooo plant away and then let me know so I can come & visit your blog.

Have a Blooming Day!

Blessings My Friend,

           Help me, Lord, to see your beauty all around me.
 May my gratitude spill over from a cup full of thanks to you.


  1. Looks like a delightful day the flowers are gorgeous!. Thanks for taking us along. Cherry Kay

  2. What a blessed day and a wonderful way to support your friends and neighbors!