Monday, May 14, 2012


Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a lovely Mother's Day! John and I worked in the shop during the day but did have a nice breakfast made by my hubby after church.

I took a few pictures of the inside of my shop for you to see. I am so excited to get started but a little nervous too!

Our 1500 sq.ft. showroom features all you can imagine to decorate your rooms. I have been collecting for awhile. I am hoping ladies will be bringing me their consignments soon.

Sunny yellow walls are "Welcoming,"the rest is painted a vanilla color. Stripes to add some texture to the room. God bless my husband for doing all the work!

All taped. We used Green Frog tape.

The outcome! A little touch up is needed.

The store looks so huge to me! This is looking from the back to the front.

Well, Bloggers there you have it!
The birth of Sweetladyelaine's Consignment Shop! I hope to keep you updated the best I can. Stay tuned for pictures once I get it all set up and my counter built! This should be quite a project since we have never built one before.....I have a feeling God will be building this one through us!

Blessings My Friend,

Thank you for all the encouraging words.


  1. It is coming along very well. I see things I like already! Please think of me if you come across a mug tree (or two), wood or metal for 4 or 6 mugs. Don't need any of the mugs, just the tree! xo

  2. That would be fun -- to meet! I'll let you know the next time we're going in that direction! Oh and if you're close to Alton, Ill -- there is a cool place there -- Fast Eddie's Bon Air -- it was on an Alton brown show -- $1.00 hamburgers, $1.00 brats, $1.00 fries but you do have to buy a drink (cokes are $2.00 and they have beer and mixed drinks too) -- go early -- it gets crowded later (we were there at 4ish for lupper or dunch! and it wasn't bad -- we could get a table and there wasn't someone breathing over our shoulder)

  3. Your shop is looking good! What a big job! Oh, there are so many possibilities with a blank slate. Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog and leave a comment. Set up a little seating area near the windows so you can take a 2 minute break every now and then and see the outdoors. You deserve a break with all the work you're doing!

  4. How neat! It does look huge! But once you fill it with fine things, you'll think it's small! Best of luck and success!

  5. That's a huge store to fill but how fun will the process be! Good luck to you, Elaine. I already see some nice pieces of furniture. Where is it located?...Christine

  6. OOOh congratulations.. that store is fabulous I love the pretty color and it's going to be a huge success.. Best of luck.. xo marlis