Friday, June 25, 2010

I Think I Got Carried Away....

Well, I started at 11:00 and ended about 3:00! What a wonderful time I had! You are probably wondering what I was doing......

I think I will keep you guessing...
This young man is my nephew Michael who just graduated from High School. This picture was taken at his senior outing. I love Michael to death! He is such a quiet, thoughtful young man. I am so proud of him!

Michael rides a motorcycle and owns a little truck too! He is the youngest of three.
The reason that I bring this because Michael is the reason I was busy for hours.

I was baking for Michael!!!!


His favorite cookies of course!!!!!!!

Michael likes my chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies!

So...I decided to make him a few!

I hope he loves them as much as I love him!!!!!!!


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