Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Tablescape Thursday

Hi Everyone!
I have been so busy getting ready for our move and our Halloween dinner that I forgot to post! I probably will be sporadic in the next few weeks. We sold our house and are going to Houston on Sunday to buy a house! I am excited but a little nervous too. After all we are moving across country.....I expect a whole different culture.
We have gone online and picked out houses to look at in Sugar land, Pear land, Houston, Humble and Katy. They all have pools!
 I have visited Houston a few times, and have stayed at the Hilton downtown. It was very nice. We know that God has something wonderful for us. Please pray for our safe travel. In my next few posts, I will keep you posted on our journey to Texas.

Now let's get to the good stuff!!!!!!
Tablescape Thursday........Thank you to our host, Susan at BNOTP!
Please be sure to visit as many tablescapes as you can and leave a comment so we know you have visited. I even visit when I don't post! I just love to look at what everyone is up too!

I started a tradition many years ago and when we moved Buffalo I just continued it. I host a dinner on Halloween night for my neighbors! They can come and go and do not have to worry about making dinner. Everyone one loves it! They can eat and leave to go trick or treating. Some years it's elaborate other years it's very simple!
This year we had an over abundance of food, but no one complained!
                                      The Menu
Spinach & artichoke dip with bread rounds
Guacamole dip with tortilla chips
Cheese & crackers
Buffalo Chicken Wings - the first wings were made here!

Chili & corn bread
Pecan & cranberry green salad
Beef on weck - a biggie here too!

I didn't take any pictures of the food or guests! I forgot! Shame on me...I just can't remember to take pictures to share with you. Sorry.

                                  We are in the kitchen.

I didn't have enough blue chargers so I used red ones on the heads of the table. They also have different placemats.

                            Which one do you like better????

                  The glass blue chargers came from Goodwill.

The white plates came from Goodwill. I bought 8 dinner and 8 dessert. I love the pleated pattern.

                  The bowls are Yorktowne. My everyday set.

               The blue salad bowls my mom gave me years ago.

                     Here is the red charger from Hobby Lobby.

You have seen this centerpeice before. Since we were eating dinner I used a low centerpeice.

                  Halloween candle holder is from Goodwill. I bought 2.
                  I bought pumkin spice candles from Walmart....

The glasses are simple, my everyday set.

This is the centerpeice on my island. My brother and sister in law gave me this cake plate for Christmas one year.

Same peice without the dome top so you could see the plate. My brother sold Avon when in college and gave me this plate. I love it!

The wreath came from The Christmas Tree Store....I will miss it dearly! My neighbor Mel, gave me the apple years ago.

Well...This is my tablescape for this week! Thank you so much for visiting! Please come again......

BLESSINGS my friends,


  1. Congrats on selling your house! I hope you find just the right one in the Houston area! I love your Halloween traditional dinner for the neighbors -- great idea. Your table is just the right mix of casual and festive -- so welcoming!

  2. How nice of you to provide dinner for your neighbours on such a busy night! AND, they get to sit at a lovely table like that? I really like the colour combo and the fact that you did the ends of the table differently. I always do that as well when I don't have enough for all to match. That white pumpkin as your centerpiece is gorgeous and looks perfect with the cobalt blue chargers. Best wishes on your move to Texas!


  3. Congratulations on the sale of the home and move. I have never heard anything but wonderful things about Texas.

    I think the Halloween dinner tradition sounds so fun. Hope you can keep it up in your new home.

    I like the use of the red plates at the end of the table. It mixes it up a bit and gives the table even more color. Good choice!!

  4. Very pretty table. I think both colors look good, but I vote for the blue. :)
    Good luck on finding your new house.

  5. Elaine!

    That is amazing that you sold your house so fast. Congratulations! :-)
    I hope you are very happy in Houston. We have some family there, and it's a nice town.

    Love your pretty dishes, and I really like how you incorporated blue into your fall scheme. It makes me want to try it with my blue dishes, too. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.

    Happy Tablescape Thursday...


    Sheila :-)

  6. Elaine, congratulations on selling your house!
    Very pretty blue and white table with the little touches of red. What a fun time having the neighbors in for a Halloween dinner.

  7. Very pretty! I love the blue and white with just a touch of orange.

  8. Congrats on selling your home and now you're off for a new adventure! How wonderful to host a Halloween meal for the neighborhood. Love your pretty table and I think I like the red charger.

  9. Congrats on selling your home and now you're off for a new adventure! How wonderful to host a Halloween meal for the neighborhood. Love your pretty table and I think I like the red charger.

  10. O, I think your table looks fabulous and I use that trick of different chargers, or napkins or placemats all the time...sometimes, on purpose. :)
    I love mixed table ware so much...
    xo bj

  11. I'm so glad I'm not the only one posting a Halloween tablescape!

    I really like yours and my favorite are the blue chargers!

  12. I'm thinking that if I'd gotten to GW before you those blue glass charger would be on my table! Great get! I love them. Your table is lovely...the wonderful natural light shining through your pretty blue glass...gorgeous. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  13. Hi Elaine...

    My friend, your table is beautiful! I just love that shade of's such a brilliant and vibrant color! It certainly makes for a stunning table! Gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing your beautiful table with us today!

    Well my friend, sending you my very best wishes and prayers for a wonderful trip to Houston. Happy house hunting too! I lived in south Texas for 30 yrs. and traveled to Houston on many occasions. My nephew lived and worked there for several years. He was just laid off from his job and has made a move to Chicago. He said it's soooo different there. I think you'll enjoy Houston. I would prefer living in one of the surrounding areas though! Well my wishes!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  14. OOh yeah you sold your home. Promise Houston isn't all that scary. I love your chargers! great idea mixing the pieces.

  15. Praying God will bless your move and your house hunting! I believe Texas to be a wonderful - open place!
    Love your tablesetting! What a dear you are to provide dinner while having so much on your plate - so to speak :)

  16. How wonderful for you to throw a dinner for your neighbors on Halloween! Good luck on your move and congrats on selling the house It would so exciting to go house hunting. I love the blue and orange combo of your table...Christine

  17. Beautiful tablescape and the menu sounds delicious! Your neighbors are really going to miss that tradition with you.

    Congratulations on selling your house! Can't wait to see your new home!


  18. Those pleated pattern white plates are fabulous!!! You got those at Goodwill??? Great find! I seriously have never found anything great at a thrift store. I don't know what I'm doing wrong! Good luck on your move and on the house hunting expedition. I've never visited Houston, but I hear it's a pretty great city to live in. Looking forward to hearing how you're faring. Have a great weekend!

  19. Good luck with your move!! I love your table, it is so pretty, and both chargers look great. Your pumpkin centerpiece looks just gorgeous, and how nice of you to host the Halloween dinner!

  20. Congratulation on selling your house and I hope you find just what you are looking for! Your table is so pretty. I especially love that white pumpkin in the center. You are so clever to mix chargers like that. I need to remember I can do that.

  21. What a wonderful Halloween tradition! Bet your new neighbors in Houston will love that. I love the setting you used and think I like the red chargers better.

  22. I am so happy your house sold! And yes, I will pray you find happiness where ever you land.
    Love the table. I am sure your neighbors loved it!

  23. So happy to hear you have already bought a house in Houston! Can't wait to hear all about it!


  24. Those blue chargers are wonderful! Oh, could I use those. I really do need to check out the local Goodwill.

  25. What an absolutely perfect table setting you have created just in time for the holidays. I just love all of the different textures. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.