Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Happy Memorial Day

We have no plans for Memorial Day do you?
 I guess it has to do with moving to Texas and having few friends.
Everyone seems to stick with their family and not invite outsiders.
We are ok with that......................we have to be, its part of moving!

I decided to set our table in the kitchen today.
A simple table that we will not use or will we??????
I'm not sure.............................We use to sit at every table I created.
Do you use every table you create?
I think  it's because I have been setting the dining room table for four people,
and we are only two!
I will have to remedy that, don't you think?

What does Memorial Day mean to me?
We remember..................................not only today but everyday!
Our men & women willing to die for our freedom of speech, press and religion.
So today in my own way I am remembering...........................
(Mr. Sweetladyelaine is a Vietnam Vet, my Dad was a Korean War Vet and I have many cousins who also served and are serving now! so I can't forget)
Those who have given up their lives so I can live,
 my life as peaceful productive citizen.

 Today on my table I used the colors of our flag!
I started off with a red tablecloth and layered a white one over the red.
  It looked a little more polished with layering of both colors.
Then added a blue round straw place mat, a silver charger, a red dinner plate, a patriotic salad plate and a white bowl. A silver star napkin ring seemed appropriate for my white napkin.

 A closer look.

I love this Ralph Lauren plate. I only have four of Hampton's Flag.
The red dinner plate is from the Dollar Tree. I have wanted red plates for a long time.

The star shaped candle holders are new this year. Again, another dollar Store find. 
The runner and white casserole are thrift store treasures.

Decided to spruce up my childhood dresser while I was at it...........

I never had a dresser in the kitchen before but love having my place mats handy!

I had to include this picture! 

Memorial Day has always meant a family picnic at Sacandaga State Park growing up.
So with Mom & Dad not living in the same state, she still goes to the park on Memorial Day,
with a few family members.
Do you have any childhood traditions for Memorial Day?

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Memorial Day.
Remember those who have fought for our freedom with a special prayer this Memorial Day.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.  For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened " ( Matt 7: 7 & 8).
Blessings My Friend,

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Ready Set Go.......

I've been busy this week! 
For some time now I have been thinking on creating new pieces for my self. 
I just wasn't sure just what or how. 
Indecisive that's me!
This week I have been on forward.......

I have a pair of candlesticks and several vintage saucers.
 I wanted to make cupcake plates out of them but couldn't decide if I should.
 I always thought I would find the matching cups. 
I just couldn't get it together!
 Here they are on top of one another! I love the green with the silver!
But something stopped me before I glued them together. 
My candlesticks are matching but need a little paint.
So I put the project on hold!

I went thrifting with a friend and landed at a Salvation Army 
who was having a half price sale on everything!
(I was in seventh heaven!)
I bought the following saucer and candlestick for about $1.00!
I was so excited! 
I love, love, love glass!
I cleaned them up.......
                                             Using my favorite E6000, glued them together!

And now I have a very pretty cupcake stand!
Now, all I need is a cupcake! lol

                                                                  or candle holder!
                                          So I am down one project.....Not bad for a beginning!

Somehow I never have everything I need for an idea/project!
Is it only me or does this happen to you too?
I seem to start something and need something else or think of something else I could use instead.
Here's an example!
In the last month I have forgotten to buy Mod Podge!
 It seems every time I go to Michael's, I forget it!
This time I took a friend to Michael's and we came home with the Mod Podge!
Long story next project was born!

 I took a Yankee Candle jar that was empty, cleaned the wax out by freezing it.
Washed it and use Mod Podge to put some lace on the outside.
I never did this before and it was a little tricky but the results were great.

                                    I had planned on pearls on the rim but needed a little bling.
                                         I decided to make a flower. (My first time doing this)
                                                    I  just decided to use the ribbon I had.
                    I hand sewed a running stitch along the bottom of the ribbon to gather it.
                                                Then I shaped a flower hot gluing as I went.
                                            The bling is an old post earring glued in the center.
                  I think I would have liked a flatter flower. I will practice! I hear it makes perfect!
                                     Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.
                  One more to go...............................

                                                       I wanted to show this last....
                                        I just painted this vase. I forgot the before picture.
                                                      I absolutely love the color!
                                                     I wish you could see it shine.
                                                         The color is silver by Valspar.

                                                         I love these little pots of color!
                                                        I can paint to my hearts desire.
 Everyone knows not to stand still in my house or else you may get painted a different color!
                            I even had a friend tell someone that when we were shopping! LOL

So I am off to see what trouble I can get into this afternoon!
Thanks for stopping by...................

Blessings My Friend, 

                             You are our Father; we are the clay, and You our potter; 
                                          and  we are all  the work of Your hand.
                                                             Isaiah 64:8

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

One Fish, Two Fish, Both Are Blue Fish

I had to set another cobalt/navy blue table! 
I bought these pretty fish at Garden Ridge for my outside table a few weeks ago.
They were half price!
 It has been so rainy & windy here,
 I am afraid to leave them outside!

So they sit on my table in the kitchen!
They are the inspiration for my table today.

I don't use cobalt /navy too often but I am going to start.
 So many color combinations came to me while I was setting this table.
I stuck to all blue, white & gold.

These happen to be a few of my favorite dishes! I tend to use them alot!
                        The white & gold  bowl is Bella Lux, Alexandra Gold.
                        The white salad plate with blue cherries is Allegro by Fitz & Floyd Inc.
                         and the blue dinner plate with stars is Galaxy by Sakura.

The shallow bowl on the bottom of the centerpiece I bought at Salvation Army half price sale.
This arrangement usually sits on top of my refrigerator.

Just thought I'd add a little....................
It's my birthday today and Mr. Sweetladyelaine just brought me flowers!
I also  made a Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake for my birthday.
Nothing big or fancy................................. just for us!

It's time to go and eat cake!
Thanks for stopping by.
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Blessings My Friend