Monday, May 11, 2015

Ready Set Go.......

I've been busy this week! 
For some time now I have been thinking on creating new pieces for my self. 
I just wasn't sure just what or how. 
Indecisive that's me!
This week I have been on forward.......

I have a pair of candlesticks and several vintage saucers.
 I wanted to make cupcake plates out of them but couldn't decide if I should.
 I always thought I would find the matching cups. 
I just couldn't get it together!
 Here they are on top of one another! I love the green with the silver!
But something stopped me before I glued them together. 
My candlesticks are matching but need a little paint.
So I put the project on hold!

I went thrifting with a friend and landed at a Salvation Army 
who was having a half price sale on everything!
(I was in seventh heaven!)
I bought the following saucer and candlestick for about $1.00!
I was so excited! 
I love, love, love glass!
I cleaned them up.......
                                             Using my favorite E6000, glued them together!

And now I have a very pretty cupcake stand!
Now, all I need is a cupcake! lol

                                                                  or candle holder!
                                          So I am down one project.....Not bad for a beginning!

Somehow I never have everything I need for an idea/project!
Is it only me or does this happen to you too?
I seem to start something and need something else or think of something else I could use instead.
Here's an example!
In the last month I have forgotten to buy Mod Podge!
 It seems every time I go to Michael's, I forget it!
This time I took a friend to Michael's and we came home with the Mod Podge!
Long story next project was born!

 I took a Yankee Candle jar that was empty, cleaned the wax out by freezing it.
Washed it and use Mod Podge to put some lace on the outside.
I never did this before and it was a little tricky but the results were great.

                                    I had planned on pearls on the rim but needed a little bling.
                                         I decided to make a flower. (My first time doing this)
                                                    I  just decided to use the ribbon I had.
                    I hand sewed a running stitch along the bottom of the ribbon to gather it.
                                                Then I shaped a flower hot gluing as I went.
                                            The bling is an old post earring glued in the center.
                  I think I would have liked a flatter flower. I will practice! I hear it makes perfect!
                                     Any advice you can give me would be appreciated.
                  One more to go...............................

                                                       I wanted to show this last....
                                        I just painted this vase. I forgot the before picture.
                                                      I absolutely love the color!
                                                     I wish you could see it shine.
                                                         The color is silver by Valspar.

                                                         I love these little pots of color!
                                                        I can paint to my hearts desire.
 Everyone knows not to stand still in my house or else you may get painted a different color!
                            I even had a friend tell someone that when we were shopping! LOL

So I am off to see what trouble I can get into this afternoon!
Thanks for stopping by...................

Blessings My Friend, 

                             You are our Father; we are the clay, and You our potter; 
                                          and  we are all  the work of Your hand.
                                                             Isaiah 64:8


  1. It is so much fun to have a project come out looking like the vision we had going into it. The vase came out great, Elaine.

  2. I love that cupcake stand, and the candle, and the color of the vase. I use those little jars of paint too and love them. Great projects!