Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Easter is here????????

This is the first Easter table I have set this year and I won't be using it! 
Mr. Sweetladyelaine and I are not doing any entertaining this holiday. 
We are going to a neighbors for brunch!
For the holiday I always use good china & crystal. 
My mom does too and so the tradition goes on. LOL
Today, I did use a mix........because I can!
A blue glass charger with my Blue Garland dinner plate, salad plate and a Gibson white bowl.
Nothing fancy, it  just speaks simple. 
The elegance comes from the tablecloth, silver and centerpiece. 

Each white bowl has a special egg inside. I bought these in IL at a flea market.

 Eggs are all over our house on Easter. My mom gave me at least 50 marbled eggs.
 If you look closely at my pictures you can see them on the table.

My Blue Garland coffee set by Haviland

 Blue Garland casserole dish

A view of the whole table

                         I hope you have a wonderful Easter! 

       Blessings My Friend,

I will be joining:

Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday



  1. Lovely table, Elaine. Those cobalt chargers are such a beautiful shade of blue. Your glassware looks like Ivima 1895 hobnail. I am envious of your egg collection!
    Happy Easter.

  2. Perfectly lovey! The cobalt chargers with your blue garland plates are stunning. I love the cut work and the embroidery on the tablecloth for an Easter setting, this makes a statement that says "special". I am sorry that you will not be sitting down to enjoy Easter dinner at this beautiful table. Happy Easter..... Candy

  3. Your eggs are beautiful! The white tablecloth makes a perfect setting to show them off, and the cobalt chargers just make everything pop! Happy Easter!

  4. What a pretty Easter table. Your Blue Garland is great china with the blue flowers. The centerpiece with the collection of eggs is lovely! Have a beautiful Easter!


    1. Hi Pam,
      I went to your blog and couldn't figure out how to comment on your post. Your table is stunning! I loved your royal rabbits and your rabbit dishes. They are fit for royalty! Happy Easter! Thanks for stopping by......
      Blessings My Friend,