Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Lost & Found

It appears to me with all the moving I wonder how I keep track of anything!
 I have forgotten what I actually own. 
Well, I know what I use to own, just not what I have given away!
I sometime search for things only to remember I sold them in my store. 
And so the saga goes on...........
How do you keep track of what tablescaping stuff you own?
Are they all in one place or all over the house like mine?

I bought these "Fantasia" Princess House luncheon plates years ago.   
When I was unpacking awhile back, I put them in a blue bin of their own in a closet. 
This week I dragged them out!

 I started out with a simple white plate used as a charger. These happen to be my favorite.
They are Living Quarters "Ridges".
I tried silver, red and green chargers but somehow I did not like the look.
 So white it is......................................
Now I'm looking back and I could have put the chargers under the white plates for dinner!
Anyway that was not in the plan! lol

                  I love the poinsettias! I could use them the whole season........

I also have the cup & saucer and dessert plate/bread & butter plates.

    The centerpiece has my favorite flowers in an urn with mercury & crystal Christmas trees.
                                                            I love Christmas trees!

                            My tablecloth was a gift years ago. I love cross stitching.
                            I know, lots of work went into making this and I use it every year.

Princess House was a crystal party that was hosted by a friend/neighbor who invited all your friends/neighbors. In return, they came to all yours and you went to all of theirs!
You ended up going to more parties than you really wanted & spending more money than intended.
At the time being a single mom, it was a night out for me!
That's how I started my collection of Fantasia! I bought one thing at a time.
My mom did the same thing, so between both of us I ended up with a place setting for eight!
I also have Princess House decanters, brandy sniffers and a Christmas ornament.
Do you have any Princess House?

A vintage crystal serving plate that I bought years ago.

 I thought I'd share a picture of my chandelier that is over my dining room table.
 My husband takes it down every time we move and puts it in our new home.

A last look at my table!

Thanks for stopping by.......I look forward to your comments!

I will be joining:

Susan at BNOTP for Tablescape Thursday

Blessings My Friend,


  1. Beautiful table, Elaine. Love the tablecloth. Somehow I only have one piece from Princess's a tall canister that I keep pasta in. I can see why you take the chandelier to each new house...gorgeous!
    Have a great week.

  2. Thank you Marigene!
    It appears you are my one and only follower this season. Thanks for being faithful! You have a great week too!
    Blessings My Friend,

  3. Very Very pretty tablescape, Elaine! I remember Princess House crystal parties very well. My sister had a few & has shared them with me since she downsized to move to Maui.
    I love your gorgeous chandelier & also the cross-stitched tablecloth. You've reminded me that my former SIL made a beautiful cream one for me over 40 years ago & I have never used it. I'm afraid it will get ruined!! I should bring it out & at least photograph it. Thanks for the nudge!!

  4. Elaine, your table is beautiful! I hadn't heard of those parties. Isn't it fun that you both got enough to make a large table setting. I agree, the poinsettias are so pretty.
    How wonderful that your hubby moves that great chandelier! I don't know if mine would be willing to do that. It is gorgeous and so in too!

  5. Thats a great way to start a collection, one piece at a time~ you collect memories and china that way! As for organizing and storage, that is on my to do list, RE organize for 2015 and discover old treasures!

  6. Sweet lady, you did a wonderful and gorgeous tablescape, I love it all, specially the mercury glass trees on the centerpiece, they add just the right touch to this loveliness. Your chandy is stunning, I have a special love for them!
    I'm swooning over that red cross stitch table topper, it's gorgeous!
    Here to also wish you and yours a great new year 2015.

  7. It was a beautiful season, and you have some wonderful collections! Such a bright a cheerful table all the red makes. I especially love the cross-stitch. Happy New Year!