Sunday, January 4, 2015

Just an Outside Peek

Today was a gray dismal day out. The kind you just want to curl up with a good book.
I decided to not curl up with a good book since I have not been up to par the last week.
I decided to do a few jobs that I have been putting off!
You know, the ones!
 The the oven! It is a matter of pushing a button!  I hate the smell, so all the exhaust fans and overhead fans have to be turned on. It's a senseless chore!
The others........
Getting my sewing machine out to see if it works so I can fix a few things.
Putting a snap on the bathrobe that has been without it for at least a few months
and showing you my front door.
It has been a wonderful day to accomplish things!
 I either forget to do or never seem to have the time to do.
This is the last thing on my to do list!

A few pictures of my front door decorations!

I did things a little different this year. 
I changed the color of the mesh from red to gold and added a lot more ornaments.

We put a white tree outside

 And we added a red chair with a Christmas pillow and a lighted snowman.
                                              The urn has the same flowers as last year.

We were taking in the decorations and I snapped a few!
Notice the tree and chair are already inside.
I needed the tree to dry out. It has been a rainy last few days.

           I am not too happy with the wreath and will change it for next year.
           I guess you live and learn.
          The mesh is too puffy and I'm not loving the ornaments. It looks too much like last year's!

This is a picture from  last year
We had moved in November 22. 
Look at how much that rose bush has grown this year!

I am happy the way the garland turned out this year. I will improve a few things for next year.
There is always room for improvement!

Have a great day! 
Blessings My Friend,


  1. Elaine, your entryway is gorgeous...I see nothing wrong with the wreath.
    Wishing you all good things for 2015!

  2. Beautiful front entrance, Elaine! I bet it looked spectacular at night!!! I wish my DH were able to help me festoon our front like that. I'm not fond of ladders & he is too old & febile to be climbing!!! LOL