Wednesday, August 20, 2014

THE END?????

Fellow Bloggers!
Summer is not over for me! I can swim at least until October if the weather holds out!
I love our pool and will have a hard time saying see you in April-May.
I am a die-hard when it comes to summer!

 I started out with another tablescape and then remembered Kathleen's Farewell  to Summer Challenge.(Which I thought was this week........and its next week! lol The story of my life!)
Our weather did not cooperate this afternoon so I set the table inside at my dining room .
I used three colorful beach towels as my tablecloth.

The whites dishes you have seen a lot. I happen to love them......
they are by Living Quarters and the pattern is  Ridges. Each napkin has a different shell on top.

This is a new plate bought at a Thrift Store.
They are Pier 1 Imports, the pattern is  Spice Route Ginger.
Doesn't that sound delicious? I love that it is square!

I use these every morning for bagels or toast.
They are by Better Homes and Gardens bought at Wal-Mart, a few years ago.
 I like Better Homes and Garden products. Have you bought any at Wal-Mart?

 My centerpiece is simply seashells in a sectional platter. I can't remember what they call it.
The jar in the middle I made from a old candle and put a little bling on it.
Here's a closer picture.

 I have a few of these on the you know what they are?
They look like bubbles but they are actually called Japanese fishing balls. They were once used by fishermen  in many parts of the world to keep their fishing nets afloat. I have several from my mother in love who lived in Alaska. Mr. Sweetladyelaine grew up in Alaska. Not sure if I ever mentioned that before.

 This is a pretty pitcher. It's  blue on the bottom and then changes to  yellow and then to a light green.
I bought it for $3.00 at Goodwill,  I think.

I had lots of fun with this challenge. Thank you, Kathleen for stretching my imagination! I pulled out another summer tablescape out of my brain! lol

I will be joining:

Cuisine Kathleen challenge is August 27th so you will see it then!

Tablescape Thursday with Susan at BNOTP.

Thanks for stopping by I love when you leave comments. It keeps me on my toes and sitting down and blogging more!

Blessings My Friend,


  1. Agreed, I still see plenty of summer days ahead!!

  2. What a fun end of the summer table, Elaine! I like the square plates, too...and the flowered ones are so pretty. I guess I must have missed them when WM had them. BH&G has some really nice dishes for very reasonable prices.
    I was thinking this was the week for Kathleen's challenge, too! I will have to think of something for next week...have an idea, now to gather everything!
    Have a great weekend.

  3. What a beautiful table! Just loving the color combo.


  4. What a great idea to use the beach towels for the tablecloth! That really is a fun and creative touch, Elaine! Same goes for using the Japanese fishing balls as "bubbles!" Really creative!

    I remember seeing those beautiful floral salad plates at Walmart, but I never bought them. I was on shopping lockdown (thanks to my husband who feels the need to impose that on occasion!), so I missed out on a lot that summer. Oh, well...I can still enjoy them vicariously through you!

    I'm glad you squeeze every minute out of summer! That's what summer is for: enjoying to the fullest, weather permitting. It is hot as a firecracker here in the Kansas City area now and will continue to be for another 4 or 5 days. I'll probably end up having to do my table for Kathleen's challenge indoors. I am NOT one to get out there in that heat and humidity when it's that high. I thought I'd faint dead away yesterday!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy that swimming pool!!!

  5. What a lovely pool, I would stretch summer too. Your table scape was so cute with the beach towels. I used some frogs as the focus of my table, come on over.

  6. Beautiful and colorful! It reminds me of Hawaii.....Christine

  7. Very fun table and perfectly captures the spirit of summer. I'm going to have to remember to try beach towels on a table. I like that idea.

  8. What wonderful use of color and what a fun and whimsical nod to summertime's end.

    Your pool looks to die for refreshing. I would love a pool but it doesn't make sense in Ohio!

    Enjoy your remaining warm days!

  9. This is so cute and cheerful! Love the Better Homes & Garden plates- so summery! I like the beach towel table cover- cute idea! That is such a cute pitcher- how pretty that it has the transition of colors!

  10. Summer isn't over for me here either. Don't know that I will swim in Oct. but some here on LI have been known to do just that!
    Love your pretty floral plates, such a pretty table! Thanks for taking the challenge. Good to see you here, Elaine!

  11. Elaine, we are blessed to live in Florida!

    Loved seeing your salute to summer, and it is festive and fun! I actually enjoy nautical tables year round.

    Sending love your way from St. Augustine.



  12. I envy your pool! This is the second charming plate I have seen from Walmart today. I must go back there to take a look around. Lovely tablescape. Have a great Labor Day weekend. I bet it will find you by the pool ;-)

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  13. Those ginger plates are calling my name, what a lovely color! Your table is one gigantic ear to ear summer smile!

  14. When we lived in Florida we swam in the pool every day except for two weeks in the winter when it was closed for yearly maintenance. The table looks delightfully summer. I have taken a decided liking to those Spice Route Ginger plates from the thrift store, they are such a pretty color. Good thinking with the beach towels. Perfect for a Summer tablecloth. The shells speak for themselves, the beach touch is perfect.

  15. Summer is definitely not over here in TX either. Your table is full of colorful details. Enjoy your swim! '-)
    Love the header full of gorgeous hanging baskets.