Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Tea Time Vingette

This certainly has been a busy week! Mr. Sweetladyelaine is now working from home.
He use to drive an hour and a half to and from work.
It has been a little too much for him, therefore he has opened his own safety consulting business,
It is different having him home all day and we are adjusting fine.
I seem to be doing ok, but don't get as much finished. My housework is a little behind.
 Although we know it is never ending!

The past few weeks, I keep seeing lots of vintage items on your blogs and I need to start showing mine! I guess I just forget they are vintage!
This is what inspired me to do a vignette today!

Yesterday I was having tea and put my tea bag in a one of these tea bag holders.

I realized it was vintage tea bag holder!
 I don't have that many tea bag holders but I use them all the time.
If I'm lazy, I just leave it in my cup!
Do you ever do that or put it on the side of your cup?
Here are a few that I use frequently!

As I was looking for a  table runner and I came across this dresser scarf.
I decided it would be perfect for my vignette!
I bought it at a monthly flea market in Belleville, IL.
Can you guess why I bought it???
If you said because it was pink You are right! I am crazy about pink!
I have one bedroom that has a pink, green and blue floral bedspread!
My house is basically neutral colors with burgundy touches.
 I was going to use it on that dresser upstairs and haven't climbed those stairs to do it!
That's a whole different post! lol

This vignette is on my childhood dresser in my kitchen........
I don't remember where I got my teacups or hankies. I use the hankies as napkins.

                                             This is a Precious Moments teacup 1985.

                                  It just says, Queen Anne and made in England on the back.

                                              Queen's Rosina China Co Ltd. Oxford

                        By appointment of her majesty the Queen manufacturers of Paragon.
                                            I have no idea the name of my teacup patterns.
                                                                       Do you?
                                              Notice the beautiful butterfly napkin!
                                            I bought this spoon in Lafayette Louisiana.
                                                     I wish I had bought a few more!

                                               I painted this pitcher white, it was brown.
                                              It sits on the back of my toilet in my half bath.

                                                 My daughter gave this teapot to me.
                   The cookie plate came from a consignment store in IL,  I paid $1.00 for it!
I just bought this teapot at The Thrift Store in Spring, TX.  for $9.50.
I thought that was a little too much.
                                                    But I bought it because it was white!

  A full view....................
The green depression glass plates were given to me by my mom.
She got them from our neighbor next store, Mary.
She had passed years ago and I remember her each time I use her dishes.
 Her birthday was May 1st.
Funny how we remember things, I was very young when she gave them to my mom.

Another little side note:
 I was a Special Education Teacher for many years and wore suit jackets all the time.
The handkerchiefs were used in the front pocket of a jacket or used as actual handkerchiefs in my purse on special occasions.
Everything I have shown you has come from a second hand store of some kind.

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God does not want us to engage in what will result in our knowing evil and experiencing its deadly consequences!

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  1. Lovely! The dresser scarf is perfect with your delicate china.