Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Buyers Nightmare

WOW has this been a trip! I am not sure where to begin.......

Our house was packed and half of it was loaded on the truck. We were leaving for Houston in two days.......We were leaving on Saturday, November 2nd!
Thursday evening before closing on Friday morning, we backed out of our house deal. Yikes!!! The appraisal was so much lower than the price we had agreed on. YIKES! The appraiser would not go up and the sellers would not go down! 
Panic set in....Praying went on......lots of praying......and tears!

Later Friday night we got a call from our realtor saying the sellers realtor was cursing her out and that we were costing her sellers anguish! (What about us!) Our realtor told her we all needed to sleep on it and talk about it in the morning. She is such a sweetheart!
Long story short.... ....Saturday mid-morning we got a call from our realtor while we were driving to Houston.
The sellers had a change of heart. We agreed that the sellers would pay for another appraisal and we would buy the house at whatever the appraisal amount turned out to be!
Praise God!
We are now living in an ExecuStay in Houston for a few weeks until all the paperwork is complete and a date for our closing is set.
Am I writing this much too early? I hope not!

The reason I am telling you all this??????

This has definitely has been a learning experience for me. I am looking back and asking why did this happen.....

Maybe, God's plan wasn't all in place? Did people have to get angry before the problem was solved? Did hearts have to be softened? Did we have to trust more? Maybe this isn't the right job for us? Where are we going to live until we find a house? Where would all our furniture be stored? What will happen to us?
The questions kept coming.......and then it hit me!

I am homeless!

My answer to all this?  
To pray and depend on God, leaving everything to Him. I have to admit it was not easy.  I was not prepared to live somewhere else for a few months. I had a weekend worth of clothes,a few days of food for dogs & bird and we had only until the 9th in the apartment. It was overwhelming! My flesh was screaming and my heart held on tight to God. "Help us" was the most I could pray. I realized I had to die to self and let God carry us through. I had to listen for the Holy Spirits quiet voice to calm my nerves.
Once again God is faithful! I'm not sure if you believe or not. 
My hope is that you will seek His face in times of trouble so you can feel His presence in your heart. He has carried me through a lot of turmoil in my life. I know He will do the same for you. You just have to accept Jesus as your Lord & Savior and read your bible.

I just wanted to let you know what has happened to me since I am not setting a table this week. See you soon. 
Blessings My Friend,


  1. Sending good thoughts your way... Hoping all works out well for you!! Vicki

  2. Bless you dear one... I have been in situations like this many times in my life...and depending on God is the ONLY way through..I am hoping you will be setting tables in your new home before you know it and all of this will be a distant memory..
    Love, Mona

  3. What a nightmare...pray everything works out for you, Elaine.
    Hugs and this week has to be better than the last one.

  4. Elaine, call me. Send me an email for my #. You know I'm in Houston!
    I can tell you so many real estate stories. But remember, Houston's market did not go down. Texas & Houston in particular are at the top of the places to live in the USA. Houston is a BIG international city, but everyone makes friends quickly. Do not feel bad. It's all going to be OK, and remember you'll be going out to eat a lot while you're in the hotel :)'s.....

  5. I'm so sorry that you have gone through all of this trials to buy your new home. All will go as it should, have faith.

  6. Praying it all works out. Let us know!