Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Revisit

On Saturday we took a ride down to Galveston. The last time we were there I was a little disappointed. Hurricane Ike in 2008, had hit about five years earlier and it didn't seem to be bouncing back. I know it was hit hard but I thought it should have been rebuilt in five years! So I was anxious to go back after two years to see the progress if any.
 Welcome Back, Galveston! We were impressed at the beautiful coastline, houses and businesses.  We drove up and down the coastline and saw a big improvement! I was so happy. Galveston had beautiful houses! They are back.
You still can see devastation but it looks like a resort town........ finally!
Here is a little peek.........
The Bishop Palace 

                                    As I look at these show pieces of history

                                          I can just imagine
                                                How beautiful
                                        They must have been
                                                  back in the day

I would love to see the insides!
Wouldn't you? 
Overlooking the ocean are condo's
                                 Most of the houses and condo's are all painted in pastel colors!

                                                               On the edge of town ...



                                            Lots of places to eat

                                                           This is Pleasure Pier...all new.
                          When we came here two years ago this was a pier that was devastated by Ike.

A great way to spend the afternoon surfing 
I hope you enjoyed a peek of Galveston. I really do think you should come and visit!
I would love to see you. 
We could go sightseeing or shopping!
A fun day with a friend.
Think about it.
Blessings My Friend,
Thanks for stopping by. We have moved in pictures soon!


  1. I certainly enjoyed the photos of Galveston, and Texas is on my bucket list. I've been to Dallas for a meeting, but that's about it. When I come for a visit, I'll let you know. Would love to go sightseeing with you.

  2. Bishop's Palace is outstandingly beautiful inside,