Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A White Challenge??????

 From my last post you know I spent 9 days in Houston to come home without a house. It was very disappointing for me. Houston is just booming with house sales. It is definitely a sellers market.

I came home and Mr. Sweetladyelaine and I decided to buy a house we had seen .......
A very nice house. We were excited! Anyway long story had problems with MOLD!
So we decided not to buy it! We were upset but we decided it was better to be sure about what we were buying than get stuck with a lot of problems. Especially since we are not from Texas or know much about the ins and outs of houses there.

The next morning at 7am I was looking at houses and the one I loved, loved,  was back on the market. I hurried and called Mr. Sweetladyelaine and he in turn called our agent and abracadabra.......a house is bought!
We are just waiting for closing.......
Is this a God intervention????? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

So you can see this challenge from Kathleen is not the only challenge I have had this week! In fact I started to set this table two weeks ago. I was afraid I wouldn't have time to set a table. I had tried silver & white and just couldn't pull it off so when I found the red & white material I used for the tablecloth, it was a no brainer! So I guess that is my inspiration......a red & white tablecloth.  I bought it at our church rummage sale for .50 cents.

                      I have other white dishes to use but liked these better.
                                                   They are my favorite!
                                                And lately I am into white.....
                                      If I buy anything new, I paint it white!
                                         The dinner plate is by Gibson and
                                                the salad plate is Ridges,
                                                      by Living Quarters.
                                   I seem to love Ridges! I use them all the time.
                                           It is all offset with the red charger!

                                       A rim shot................

         The heart shaped bowl was bought at Michael's sometime ago.

            For my centerpiece I found this fabulous white at tray      
                                 a consignment shop for $10.00.
              I thought it was a little pricey but loved the detail.

                         Found this little beauty at Savers.

            My little salt & pepper shakers are another Savers buy.

These white candlesticks I bought from my shop. They are Mikasa.

 A very simple table to participate in Kathleen's all white challenge.
It certainly was a challenge and I enjoyed setting my table. Now, I can't wait to see your tables. I am coming to look......

I will be joining:

 Susan for Tablescape Thursday at BNOTP

Kathleen for Let's Dish at Cuisine Kathleen

Thank you for visiting me.....
Please leave a comment so I can come and visit you!

Blessings My Friend,

"Set your mind on things above, not on things of the earth".
(Colossians 3:2)


  1. Your table is just perfect with the pretty white and I love those pumpkins, they are lovely and I like the little heart dishes, it all looks so inviting...

  2. Love this sweet table, Elaine. Congrats on the new home. xo

  3. Well, I just love your choice of red & white, I chose red & white too! You're the link before mine on Let's Dish. Love your table Elaine. Congrats on getting the house you really wanted! Pam

  4. Yay glad you got a house!! Your red and white table is so pretty..I always smile when I see your Paul Revere alongside your makes feel right at home at your table....
    Love, Mona

  5. Love the white challenge. Thank you so much for commenting on my table. I think I will join you on the white challenge!!! The pumpkins are lovely.

    An Accomplished Woman

  6. First, God has blessed you with the perfect home and so glad your so happy with it. You were so wise to not chose the mold home for Houston is so damp from tall the rain. We visit Houston and it always rains every time. Please, be sure and attend the Dickens of A Christmas in Galveston on the first part of December for it is a must see. The Moody Gardens and Glass Pyramids have a lighted Christmas Wonderland and the Pyramids have special Christmas activities which every enjoys while on Galveston Island only about 1 hour south of Houston.
    Second, Your tablescape has all the perfect touches and I'm glad you found your red and white checked tablecloth for it has a festive feel. Your cute red bird shakers are so sweet. I can't believe you are moving and have set a very beautiful table.

  7. It sounds like someone has been watching over you!! I am glad that you where able to get the house you loved - best wishes for a smooth move. I hope you have fun making the house your home! From the looks of your cheerful red and white table, you will have no trouble making your new home a happy place!

  8. Congratulations on your new home, Elaine! Yes, God is in the Real Estate business! :-) I love your table - my favorite part is the tray. Worth every penny of that $10!
    His blessings,
    Kim @ Curtain Queen Creates

  9. God's timing is alway impeccable, isn't it! He made the arrangements for you to have the house you loved. I'm so excited for you! I'm impressed that you rose so beautifully to the white challenge. Love the red for your extra color. You have been living with quite the challenge for some time preparing for your move. Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  10. Congratulations on the new home. Good luck with closing and the move.
    Your white with red tablescape is fun. The red checked table topper is perfect for setting the stage.

  11. Gorgeous! I really love those chargers.

  12. What is more adorable, than a red and white tablecloth?? Love this and all of your china and accessories! I know that you are getting excited, about your move - congratulations on getting the house you wanted - yeah!!

  13. You can't beat red and white, and congrats on your new house! Wonderful!

  14. Your red and white table is lovely! I'm really loving that tray! I would have snatched it up, too. Congratulation on the new home! I know it will be the perfect place for you and your hubby!

  15. I am so glad that the house that you wanted went back on the market. Yes god is in the details! I didn't participate in the white challenge, but it seems like it would have been fun. I love red and white. The little tray that you bought is so cute, and who knew that you could combine red and white and pumpkins so successfully? Joni

  16. Congratulations on your new house! I'm impressed you managed to set a table with everything you've got going on right now. Love the red and white -- so cheerful!

  17. This would be a great V'tine table. I love those red and white heart bowls, and they are perfect for this red and white table. Those Cardinal salt and pepper shakers are adorable! Yes, I think God had a hand in you getting the house you wanted. Congratulations! I know you must be excited and relieved. laurie

  18. Congratulations on the house!!!!!!!!!! That truly MUST have been a God intervention! "Good things come to those who wait." I'm really happy for you!!!!!!

    You did a great job of meeting the challenge for Kathleen's blog party! Red is forever and always a great color with white. I like how you were able to find so many neat little things to add to the look!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and congrats once again on the house!!!!!

  19. I am so happy to hear you have finally found a house that you feel you will be comfortable in...congrats! When will the big move be taking place?
    Beautiful the bright red.
    Have a wonderful week, Elaine...

  20. Congrats on the house, some exciting days ahead for you! Beautiful table setting, I just love red and your touches are just perfect. Diane

  21. Ever since I have known you , you are buying or selling a house! :) Glad you found one you like!
    Thanks so much for taking the challenge with your pretty red and white table. Those cardinals are so sweet, or tweet!

  22. Yes, Kathleen....I know its hard to believe that we have lived here a little over a year and we are moving again! We have moved a lot in the past few years. I am tired of packing and unpacking but I guess I do what I have to do. It is not always easy saying hello to new friends and goodbye to old friends. I do love blogging for that are all my friends no matter where I live. I am blessed with that! Thank you for hosting "Let's Dish", I love it! It gives me a chance to be creative and meet new friends and say hello to the old. I don't feel so lonely.....
    Blessings My Friend,